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Top UK Cities For Graduate Roles Revealed

Leaving education to begin a brand new career path can be a daunting aspect of entering the workforce. From salary, to commute, to rent to job satisfaction, graduates have a lot to weight up before deciding whether or not to apply and accept a role.

Furthermore, location is a top priority for graduates who are more likely to relocate for their dream job than someone further along in their career. In the UK, some cities stand above the rest when it comes to offering decent roles for graduates, new data from AdView has revealed.

The metrics included in this data collection included;

  • population growth
  • number of businesses
  • employment rate
  • year-on-year wage growth
  • average wage
  • number of internships and grad schemes
  • average wage spent on average rent

When these factors are accounted for, the top cities for UK graduate roles, according to this survey are;

#1 Liverpool

#2 Edinburgh

#3 Leicester

#4 Bristol

#5 Belfast

#6 Wakefield

#7 Brighton

#8 Coventry

#9 Northampton

#10 Milton Keynes

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