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Top Misspellings in Current LinkedIn Job Titles

Pubic-Relations-OfficerWhen we teach people to search for synonyms of job titles through our Blue Belt course, we also include misspellings of those job titles – but I suppose not every recruiter wants someone who’s put “Pubic” instead of “Public” relations and not noticed it. What will they be like when writing press releases? AGH!

Here are the top 10 misspelled current job titles on LinkedIn:

Manger: 113,457

Asistant: 16,749

Enginer: 11,634

Acountant: 3,961

Enginneer: 2,164

Resercher: 1,794

Markiting: 1,761

Recruter: 995

Recrutment: 317

Pubic Relations: 263

What funny ones have you come across on LinkedIn?

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