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truDublin Preview: the Facebook track from truLondon

Are you going to truDublin? I am. Bill Boorman’s tru conferences (or unconferences if I am to be accurate) have fast become the leading gathering of top recruiting minds in Europe and are soon to extend to Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I attended my first tru event in Manchester last September and was blown away with how much I learned. Did I learn it from watching lots of one hour powerpoint presentations? Absolutely not, I learned from talking to some really interesting people who had different experiences and a different worldview to mine (many quite the opposite of mine!).

An unconference is about about people and conversations.  Every hour there are three new “tracks” where you choose a topic and sit around in a circle with some fellow recruiters and chat, debate, argue, swear, congratulate and question.  The track leader is the guy or girl who kicks it off but they are by no means the centre of attention.  This melting pot of ideas is fantastic and is not limited to social media.  In London we discussed RPOs, the future of recruitment, old school vs new school, job boards and tons of other topics over 2 days.

Like Obama and the Queen before him, the tru experience rolls into Dublin next week for two days and at ‚¬50 per ticket per day (with the exclusive discount code “tru”; buy tickets here) it is the best value training you will ever receive!

Check out the Facebook track below that Geoff Webb and I participated in at truLondon two months ago for a sense of what an unconference track is all about.

See you all at truDublin next week!

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