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#truManchester Live Blog: LinkedIn in recruitment

Linked In discussion from social media & recruitment conference truManchester:

Live, active, dynamic community of people in your space.  Lots going on, some not being used very well but if you’re a recruiter, you need to be using it.

Biggest criticism is of recruiters who advertise and then sit-back, dont participate or build reputation in a marketplace.  LinkedIn doesn’t differentiate between client and candidate and users shouldn’t either.

As a recruiter your objective is to be seen as a thought leader in a particular area.

Comments by group member: Choose the order and quantity of groups that you follow to appear on your profile; answer questions on Groups, spend 2 hours a week on Linked In contributing to groups and discussions.

How much time should you spend on LinkedIn per day?  Stock answer of 1 hour is BS, need to leave it on all the time, for sure, but depends on what you get out of it.

Answers are great, also consider posting great questions as they will likely be answered by experts in your field as connecting with them will likely lead you to people who can fill your job.

Dutch contributor, Rob vanElburg spoke about how their agency in Netherlands uploaded their entire database onto LinkedIn. It gave their competitors an advantage but more importantly made them stronger as all they use is LinkedIn as it is a better database and it is fresh and up to date.

The Netherlands have a higher percentage of population on LinkedIn than any other country. Dutch people are very international oriented and open-minded, entrepreneurial.

How do you then search this database though?  You become members of the big groups and send Messages to other Group members (which you are allowed to do without using paid-for InMails).

I asked the question does anyone not just pick up the phone any call people in work?  It would seem that only a small handful do this.

Complaints about Linked In?  One contributor offered the opinion that they need to give better advertising options to Group owners otherwise they risk these people moving their Groups to external, more flexible platforms such as Ning.

But LinkedIn want it to stay relevant and interesting to senior level executives so they dont want to bug them.

What about Instant Messaging on LinkedIn?  Perhaps this would be a way to see how active people are on LinkedIn, message them in real-time, more of an active chat room in group situations etc.  People want quick, instant reaction.

How much time do people spend on LinkedIn?  This is a stat that LinkedIn doesnt promote or discuss yet it is a USP for Facebook who are proud of these figures.  It would suggest that their time spent on LinkedIn per session is minimal.

1% of users on LinkedIn are responsible for 30% of the traffic.

LinkedIn is also important for your SEO strategy, active participation on LinkedIn in Groups etc will help your referrals that Google use to rank your organic search results

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