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#truManchester The UK "Brain Drain" Timebomb

Rob van Elburg says that the UK is sitting on a timebomb, these days the ICT investment in the UK is the biggest in Europe, more new IT projects than France or Germany.  This gives rise to 75,000 new vacancies a year on top of the current 43,000 open academic jobs. The IT jobs market for permanent staff has increased at a huge rate but with such demand you need an unsustainable number of people to fill those jobs.  There are only 12,000 new IT graduates coming into the UK labour market so how do you fill all of these needs?

The UK’s brain-drain is the largest globally (% wise?), more UK ICT candidates emigrate to make the rest of the world stronger.  More consumers buy on-line in the UK than any other European markets; if this keeps continuing then the ICT staffing demand to support this is going to keep increasing.  Based on this, there is an 8% gap in jobs related to on-line purchasing alone.  The UK’s IT graduated are going to New York, Sydney and Paris.  If you ask overseas highly-skilled talent where they want to work, the Number 1 answer is London!

If the UK wants to fill this gap then they need to import the talent. ICT is hugely important to the UK economy (just look at the figures on the increase in on-line shopping for evidence of this).  The Ukraine has more than 30,000 ICT graduates a year; India 500,000, China even more.  Ever nation has their immigration/ emigration laws.

If people decide to move abroad, their number one concern (70%) is accommodation.  Eurostat predict a shortage of 35 million people for highly skilled jobs in Europe.  Immigration is the only solution to this problem. Recruitment agencies need to offer a complete package including the job, work permits and accommodation all in one good.  This is the next step in international relocation.  People also want to stay abroad for longer. Before the advent of social media people would only be willing to spend short periods of time abroad but in our smaller, socially connected world, people are more willing to be physically away from their families and friends.  47% of all the high-skilled talent abroad is willing to work in the UK

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