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Twitter to open promoted tweets to small businesses - but only if you're an Amex customer

twitter logo-transparentTwitter has announced that they’re rolling out their self-serve Advertising products to small businesses with the help and promotion of American Express, to the first 10,000 Amex-merchant businesses that come their way.

This is the next phase of testing for Twitter’s Self-serve Advertising platform, and letting in this new wave of advertisers to send out promoted tweets and promoted trends will realize the viability of such an ad model for ordinary businesses (much like the Advertising model of Facebook).

Promoted Tweets - As demonstrated by Viator Travel on Twitter

Promoted Tweets – As demonstrated by Viator Travel on Twitter

For now, since this is limited to American Express merchants or card-holders, very few businesses outside of the US and UK will be eligible to take part. But as reported in All Things D, Twitter say they’ll expand their platform throughout the year in groups of 10,000.

What this will eventually mean for Twitter users is the presence of Promoted Tweets for target audiences, and for businesses and brands to guide a conversation or communication with their target audience.

What bang will you get for your buck?

According to MediaBistro, this is expected to cost between $0.75 to $2.50 per engagement (that’s a click, a mention, retweet or favorite), and $2.50 to $4 for every new follower the brand gets in association with a promoted account.

And what use will this be to any business?

This is great news for companies who use social media for business development and who are looking to seek further engagement across their social properties, driving brand awareness and sales. As for recruiters, for large-scale or hard to fill briefs, we can advertise a promoted tweet to a highly targeted audience and get social traction for our job post, and increase our chances of reaching passive and active skilled and appropriate candidates with our spec.

Have you used social advertising to promote your job vacancy, like LinkedIn or Facebook? Do you think you’ll be using Promoted Tweets on Twitter to do the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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