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Use LinkedIn as your custom CRM tool for candidates and customers

LinkedIn LogoHave you noticed the Tagging function for your LinkedIn connections yet? This has been a feature on LinkedIn for the last few months, enabling users to tag their connections with customized labels, filter your connections by those tags and send LinkedIn messages to specific connections under those tags. This is a perfect CRM tool for recruiters and businesses alike – think Google+ Circles but for LinkedIn. You could even use it as an impromptu and free ATS if you’re a recruiter within a small business or don’t want to fork out on ATS fees.LinkedIn Tag your Connections

You can tag connections by skill or location, prospects for certain roles, clients/colleagues/employees, candidates (or dud candidate!) and much more. Most importantly your tags are private – your connections cannot see how they’ve been filed, and will never be notified of their being tagged (unlike in Google+, Facebook or Twitter Lists).

This kind of filtering is great when sending messages through LinkedIn. Filter by your chosen tag (for example, candidates you placed in the last 6 months), click the “Send a Message” button to all in that group (to a maximum of 50 connections at a time), and LinkedIn will automatically open a new message with all those connections already in the address bar. You can email them about anything – to ask for referrals, or see how they’re getting on since you last spoke, or promote new business or products – or like us, who promote our Weekly Wednesday Webinars. (Tip: at the bottom of the message, you’ll see that LinkedIn have clicked the “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses” option – always untick this. Data protection issues may arise and you just don’t want that)LinkedIn Send a Message

With Connection Tagging, you can create up to 50 custom tags on a free account, and up to 250 custom tags on the maximum paid accounts.

Where is Tagging?

Within your Connections drop-down, click on My Connections. This will bring up a table with all your connections in alphabetical order. Click on your chosen connections by clicking on the box to the left hand side of each profile. Once you’ve selected each profile you wish to tag with the one custom label, click on the hyperlink “Edit Tags” on the right-hand-side, and select from the tags already existing (LinkedIn will have about 7 already set up), or you can add another custom tag. Click on “Save”, and you’re done! Edit Tags in LinkedIn Connections

Alternatively, if you’re looking at a connection’s profile, along the right hand side of their profile about halfway down will be their “Contact Information” box. This may show their email address, phone number and address, depending on what they’ve preset. In this box is the Tagging options: click on “Edit Tags”, and customise the profile in the same way.

For more on the Essential Updates on LinkedIn for Recruiters, watch our Webinar that we ran last Wednesday here. Our Webinar this week (Wed August 3rd, 4pm BST) is on How to Source Candidates using Facebook. To register for this free Wednesday Webinar, click here.

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