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What Our Resumes Would Look Like If We Didn’t Bend the Truth


Have you ever, oh let’s say ’embellished’ the information that appears on your resume? Perhaps you’ve thrown in a language that you only kinda-sorta speak, or you’ve rounded up your college grades, or even the length of one of your previous jobs? Don’t be ashamed – we’re all guilty of playing around with the details on our resumes at one point or another. But what if, on the flipside, we actually told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about ourselves?

So here at Social Talent HQ, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a warts-and-all resume for your viewing pleasure. What’s this they say about there being such a thing as being too honest?!



Maybe honesty isn’t the best policy when it comes to resumes. Just imagine what recruiters would have to trawl through if candidates didn’t bend the truth even a little bit when it comes to their previous experience and objectives. Sure, we’d have a good laugh, but we probably wouldn’t be able to place anyone ever again!

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