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Who's got the "T" Factor? HRTech Europe

“More has changed in the last 3 years then in the previous 30”. This is what one of our clients, a 30 year industry veteran who heads up one of the most successful regional recruitment companies in Ireland, told me over the Summer.  Few can deny that “The Great Recession” (as Time magazine like to call it) has not just shifted the goalposts but has moved us from playing a simple game of soccer to playing an elaborate game of chess with Talent as the end goal. However, from great turmoil often comes amazing innovation and Europe has been leading the field recently when it comes to developing new technologies to find, attract, engage and manage human capital.

The problem is that many of us have never seen nor heard of these great products and innovations as we are often too busy “transacting” to see the wood from the trees. HRTech, long a fixture on the US circuit is finally coming to Europe next month and will be showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting HR & Recruitment technologies for a distinctly European audience. Taking place in Amsterdam on the 1st & 2nd November, HRTech Europe will also host an “X-Factor” style iTalent Competition to find the next big thing in European HR & Recruitment technology. We are proud to count most of this year’s shortlisted start-ups as friends of Social Talent which will make it even more difficult for me to participate as a judge, but don’t worry, I can wear tight, chest-high pants and shout abuse with the best of them!

HRTech-Nominees-2011 - Sonru, Brave New Talent, DoYouBuzz, Work4Labs, TribePadIncluded in the list of 5 shortlisted firms are Sonru, an Irish company providing video screening & interview technologies with customers that include Allianz, EA Sports and Johnson & Johnson. If that sounds impressive, you haven’t seen their competition yet!  Both Tribepad and BraveNewTalent are battling it out for your attention when it comes to building your own talent communities whilst Work4Labs are banking on the future of Facebook as the next professional networking tool. Don’t forget start-up DoYouBuzz which is skipping the platform debate and helping job seekers develop perfectly SEO-‘ed CVs online with their CV publishing platform.  The prize?  All the social media press and hype that our panel of 8 international “influencers” can put together, combining their enormous Klout and reach to tell the world about the next big thing from Europe. We’ll be using Twitter to collate votes and Geoff Webb and Bill Boorman have promised to dress Craig Fisher up as Sharon Osborne if the hashtag #fishdogsindrag gains enough traction!

iTalent is, however, but a small part of the overall HRTech conference which truly is unique in that it offers in-house recruiters, agencies and vendors a unique opportunity to play with the technologies that we will all be talking about next year, before your competitor gets their hands on them!  The speaker line-up is excellent with top class global thought leaders from Gartner, Oracle, SAP, Nokia, HSBC, Siemens, Aviva and Taleo and break-out networking and unconference style sessions throughout the event. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, when do you ever get the chance to take a mid-week trip to Amsterdam and call it business? As part of the official Blog Squad I can promise you a couple of days of serious learning followed by some serious partying, Dutch style!

You can register for the event here and receive a whopping ‚¬300 discount by using the exclusive discount code Campbell300.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

Mark Turrell CEO OrcaSci, World Economic Forums Young Leader and Pioneer and founder of Imaginatek will lead a session quite unlike any that you have attended, it will pull seemingly disparate strands together to provide useful advice on how you can navigate your own organizational challenges.

Eaun Semple web evangelist, former BBC director will examine what the exponential changes mean for people in business, how they represent a new wave of exciting opportunities for 21st century organisations and what lies in store for managers and the role they will play in the future of business.

Matthew Hanwell Nokia’s Head of HR and Social will help you to understand how to embrace social media as a key capability in change and transformation, and ultimately in engaging your employee’s.

Jerome Ternynck Founder of SmartRecruiters and MrTed will share his view on the death of applicant tracking and making recruiting social again.

Jon Ingham recognizably a global authority on social media and HR, the only European American’s recognize on their most influential HR, Talent & Social listings will MC and play host to numerous interviews for the duration of the conference.

Derek Irvine VP Globoforce the world’s leading reward and recognition powerhouse will demonstrate how you can harness social networking to retain not just recruit employees. The result is an engaged workforce, higher satisfaction levels and ultimately, measurable bottom-line results.

Ian Bird ‚¬€œ IBM’s Global Leader of Social Networks and Informal Learning offers insights on how the new paradigm is changing the nature of how talent operates, how learning is developed and delivered, and how skills are being applied faster than ever before at IBM.

Matthew Jeffery Europe’s legend of recruiting legends with a firm grasp of the social media reins will paint a picture of what the future has in store

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