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Why is it often so hard to find talented local staff for seemingly "easy to fill" vacancies in the Cayman Islands?

Why is it often so hard to find talented local staff for seemingly “easy to fill” vacancies in the Cayman Islands?  I help my clients fill very senior or specialist roles but what about the other 95% of their needs?  I avoid this segment of the market because our clients should be able to find these people themselves without incurring a placement or advertising fee.  Yet, time and time again we hear that these positions remain unfilled or go to ex-pats living abroad who then have to relocate to Cayman.  So what is the solution?
For the past year or so I have believed that there must be a way to electronically harness the local knowledge, contacts and relationships that exist in a small community like Cayman to find people through word of mouth and referrals.  Facebook has recently overtaken Google as the most popular website in the US and I know that it is a huge phenomenon in Cayman too.  We created as a portal for employers to tell the Facebook community when they are hiring.  These short notes appear in the feeds of fans who can then refer on to their other friends on Facebook, quickly creating a chain reaction that can cross the island in hours!
People can comment on the jobs, ask questions and exchange ideas all in one open, easy to use forum.
We are fast approaching 400 fans, 56% of whom are in Cayman (another 40% made up from the US, the UK and Ireland), 72% are in the 24-54 year old age bracket and 59% are women!
What’s the catch?  There is none!  It’s free for anyone to post anything about a job they have or hear of.  By sharing this information in one place, we’re hoping to get Cayman working and ease the burden of hiring for employers.
Check it out today and let us know what you think:
If you prefer Twitter, you can find the same posts at

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