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The Recruiting Trends The World Predicted Would Define Recruitment in 2017

2017Recruitment Trends Advent content calendar

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
-George Santayana

Admittedly that’s a rather foreboding way to begin a blog post, but I was feeling dramatic. Last year, we and every other recruitment blog on the planet wrote articles about what recruiters needed to know in order to be successful in 2017.

These articles range some the frustratingly vague with tips like “try using the internet to source candidates” while others dug deep and provided some really valuable tips. We looked to one of the most respected voices of the recruitment industry- LinkedIn. LinkedIn is perfectly poised to make tangible predictions. It has bucketloads of data collected from over 500 million members… Yes, 500 MILLION! 

So before we dive into next year we want to take a look back to this time last year to see what LinkedIn proposed would be the greatest recruiting trends of 2017.
The highlights of the report are all contained in the infographic below including; the top roles you’ll be hiring for, the top sources of hire, as well as where most of your budget will go come next year. This is everything LinkedIn thought you needed to know to be a successful recruiter in 2017.

So did these trends shape your work in 2017? We’ll be diving into how these predictions measured up and see if the experts were correct!

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