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5 Reasons Recruiters Should Use Twitter to Recruit

Twitter For RecruitmentTaken from a Breakfast Briefing we did with APSCo in February, here are 5 reasons Recruiters should use Twitter to recruit and grow their desk.

1. It’s a database of 500 million people

On Wednesday 22nd of February last, Twitter officially hit 500 million users. It’s growing at such a phenomenal rate that it’s estimated Twitter will hit 600 million users within the next 100 days (by June 5th).

Think about it: 500 million people! Finally we have the potential to reach a larger and more diverse audience and type of candidate than LinkedIn ever will. However, it’s a much harder nut to crack. With much shallower profile data to go on, it’s certainly not as rich as the CV-goldmine of LinkedIn. Since Twitter is an open network, we can reach out to virtually everyone with a simple 140 character tweet.

2. Finger on the pulse of any topic

For finding leads, business opportunities and happening upon great trending topics that are relevant to your business, Twitter is your finger on the pulse of all conversations. By using Hashtags, you can join in on conversations and key points from conferences, seminars, events, news stories, or just announcements about jobs – whether that be companies announcing jobs or candidates announcing themselves looking for a job.

Identifying trending hashtags that are relevant to your business and the content of your announcement, why not join the conversation by using those hashtags in your tweet. You may just have 100 followers, but by using a hashtag or two in your Tweet, you have the potential to reach a massive audience who are tuned in to the same trend. Whenever you post a job to Twitter, use popular hashtags like #jobs, #jobfairy etc.

3. “Overheard in the Pub” – The world is the “Pub”

Business intelligence that you pick up by talking to the right person in the corridor or down in the local, or overheard on the bus – all of this is possible using Twitter. Suddenly the world is a great place to eavesdrop. Particularly when it comes to mentions of your company.

Setting up an alert and search function using TweetDeck is really simple – sign in to TweetDeck using your Twitter ID, then add a search column to your page and all mentions of your company URL (so when someone retweets your blog or an article or press release, you’ll see all those tweets and get alerted in real time). Since TweetDeck is completely free, it’s a nice (free) way to measure your mentions and reach in a similar way to paid products like Radian 6.

4. It’s Email 3.0

Messaging people on Twitter is instantaneous, and roughly 50% of all Twitter users use Twitter on their mobile. When you mention a Twitter handle that’s synched with a mobile phone, your message to that Twitter user will pop up on their phone. This effectively means that you can t ext message millions of Twitter users and potential candidates. This is the communication method of the future (and really the present) – so much better (and often faster) than email!

Read this great blog by @TechMegan who recruits IT people, and learn how she came to love using Twitter to recruit.

TechMegan on Twitter
5. Permission Marketing on Steroids

When someone chooses to follow you, they opt in to receiving your tweets and will view your tweets in their stream. What you have to ensure is that you manage to keep your fans engaged, and post tweets at times that your audience is actually listening. They chose to follow you they’re interested in what you’re about – keep tweeting relevant and good content, keep people informed about new jobs and activities in your company, about the application process You have their permission to market your organization to them.

Tip: Buying followers is a complete no-no – they’re of no use to you. Concentrate on building your followers organically and have people who are actively engaged in what you tweet about follow you.

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