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A Glossary for Tech Recruiters: Part 1


Do you know your CI tools from your VCS tools? Do you know what the main C++ frameworks are? We can all agree that IT is an industry that’s chock-full o’ jargon. Because of this, it’s very easy for recruiters who aren’t tech wizards (or ninjas, in that case) to get confused by all of the language, terminologies, and tools required to source tech talent effectively.

Luckily, our friends at RelocateMe have compiled this incredibly useful glossary for tech recruiters. From Back-end Technologies to DevOps and everything in between, this is the ultimate reference guide for anybody that sources for tech positions. So be sure to bookmark it and use as a guide when you’re doing your searches – it’ll make all the difference.

The best news of all? This is only Part 1…Part 2 is on the way!

back-end glossary

java glossaryc# glossaryc++ glossarymobile and javscript glossaryandroid glossarydatabases glossaryScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 15.02.53architecture glossaryAPI glossarytools glossarydevops glossaryweb servers glossarydevelopment methodologies glossaryScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 15.07.26Magic Keywords glossaryscalabilityrefactoring accessibility


So the next time you see that a candidate has ‘Bug Tracking system’ listed on their CV, you’ll know that they have experience in compiling reports about tracking bugs in software –  not that they have a dynamic way of catching earwigs when they crawl up the shower drain during the summer months…

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