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Boolean Search 101 & How to use Boolean to search Job Board Resumés

Most recruiters use Boolean to find more candidates on LinkedIn and other “social” places but you can often find the same amount or more candidates by searching traditional job board CV/ Resumé databases using the same techniques.

In this webinar we walk you through the basics of Boolean Search for recruiters and then show you how to apply these search principles to find candidates in Monster, Jobsite (UK Job Board) and IrishJobs (Irish Job Board). Each database has slight variations on what search terms they support so we talk best practice and use a real live example to demonstrate their power

To skip to the section that you are most interested in, here is our time guide:

05:00 Boolean Basics
15:30: How to Search Monster
24:00: How to search JobSite
28:25: How to search Irishjobs

You can copy and paste the search string we used just below the video.

(“.net” OR dotnet OR “dot net” OR “” OR “c#” OR csharp OR “c sharp” OR “c #” OR winforms OR wcf OR wpf OR nunit OR mvvm)
(developer OR programmer OR coder OR engineer OR analyst OR expert OR specialist OR consultant OR senior OR snr OR leader OR lead OR development OR engineering OR programming OR prof OR professional)
(senior OR experienced OR snr OR seasoned OR leader OR professional OR prof OR expert OR managed OR manages OR advanced)
(“” OR “c#” OR asp OR linq)
(sql OR sequel OR tsql OR “t-sql” OR database OR databases OR db OR warehouse OR warehousing OR warehouses)
(ajax OR javascript OR jquery OR “java script” OR json)
(agile OR waterfall OR scrum OR scrummaster OR itterative OR sprints OR tdd OR tdd OR “test driven development” OR “test driven developer” OR “n-unit” OR nunit OR “n unit”)
(mvc OR “model view controller” OR razor OR “front controller” OR mvvm)

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