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How and Why to Use Vine for Recruitment

Vine LogoHave you ever considered the possibilities of video when it comes to recruiting?

Vine is a new video making tool in town and it has creative recruiters in it’s sights. It’s a mobile app (iOS and Android) that enables its users to easily create and post video clips. Video clips created with Vine have a maximum length of 6 seconds and can be effortlessly shared or embedded on social networking sites. Oh and did we mention, it’s a great tool for recruiters to consider using?

Still in the dark? Let this guy; @sikora, show you how it works (P.S. when he says 7 seconds, he means 6):

Why Should I Consider Using Vine?

Why not?! Everyone has access to it, it’s free to download, you only need a mobile phone in order to use it and it’s connected with Twitter which makes for easy instant sharing. Their tech team are also currently working on a bunch of new updates and features, including enabling @ mentions and hashtagging, front-facing camera mode, push notifications and a search feature, so the service can only go up from here.

What are the Possibilities?

As with any of these new tools, the creative possibilities are limited only by your own imagination, but from a recruiters perspective we believe the app can potentially help you fill job specs in 2 ways:

1. Attract candidates with a different kind of job posting
What about creating a short video to advertise your job posting? Vine is a great way to show off not only your personality as a recruiter but also the personality of your company. Show them the office and people they’ll be working with. Show them what could be their desk. Show them the delicious plate of cookies Jill the receptionist bakes fresh every morning. Make them visualise themselves in that job.

2. Get applicants to apply in a new, different and challenging way
e.g. Looking to fill a role in creative advertising for example? Ask them to make an ad using a maximum of 5 Vines (6 seconds each) for a specific product or service. Those with the most creative uses will be interviewed.

Many different companies are using Vine in highly creative ways, get inspired here.

Word of Warning

However, just because you can use Vine, doesn’t mean you should. Before grabbing your phone and getting creative with the filming, ask yourself “Is Vine right for my recruitment area/job posting?” While it may work really well for attracting and interviewing an advertising executive or a web developer, it may not work that well for an accountant or a solicitor. As a general rule, be aware of what’s out there and available for you to utilise as a social recruiter, but know how and when to use it. Play with it, get to know it and if it’s appropriate, USE IT!

We practice what we preach here at Social Talent, so we filmed and edited together 4 Vines for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below:

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