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How the Workplace Has Changed Over Time (Infographic)

Flashback to 30 years ago, it won’t come as any surprise that a typical office space looked a lot different than it does today.  Long before the age of the Internet, offices were mainly made up of cubicles, word processors, landlines and hard copies of absolutely EVERYTHING.  We’ve come a long way since then with all of the many advancements in technology.  Over the last decade smartphones, laptops and online file sharing have all made remote working not only possible, but increasingly common for employees.  So what does this mean for the future?

The good people over at Jive have created this nifty timeline to show just how much the workplace has changed since the email was invented in 1971, and have made their predictions as to what tools could possibly be introduced to our daily grind over the next few years.  We’re talking Virtual Reality, Web 3.0 and Light Peak Technology.  Will the office eventually become a thing of the past? Only time will tell…

Source: Undercover RecruiterJive-Odyssey-of-the-Office-768x2368

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