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How to: Add swagger to your job descriptions!

We have long been fans of Prezi at Social Talent and use it in all of our presentations and even our video production process. It is a very nice alternative to Death By PowerPoint, and brings movement and life to an otherwise static presentation. We highly recommend trying it out if you have not already. Prezi, coupled with screen capturing software such as Camtasia can liven up your job descriptions and allow you to market jobs more dynamically rather than the traditional flat textual job spec.

I had a look for other alternatives to PowerPoint and found an option that I feel could work very well for creating interesting job descriptions: check out Powtoon! It is simple to use and in no time at all you can create an interesting job description to share out to your contacts and the world. I don’t have any jobs to share so I thought I would play around with it and came up with the video below for our online training platform at . Not a masterpiece but not bad for an hour’s work, I think!

A free 12 month subscription is on offer to our online Blue Belt in internet Recruitment course for the best job description created using Powtoon (it is free!). Submissions to [email protected] by April 5th!

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