Keep up with the latest hiring trends! - The world's first Social-Network Focused Job Search Engine - Job Search Gone SocialOn Saturday, we were given an exclusive invite to test the recently Beta-launched site, a social-network scouring search engine that looks for “hidden jobs” advertised across every social network – from Twitter to LinkedIn, Facebook to forums.

While this site is currently focused on searching for jobs in the US, this is probably one of the most powerful and exciting products to enter the recruiting sphere since well, maybe since LinkedIn!

For years, we’ve been speaking to jobseekers at numerous careers fairs about the “hidden job” market. Often, the last resort of recruiters or hiring managers is to advertise a job on a paid-for job site like, Monster and so on. It’s easier to put a job up for free on your own website or on your corporate social properties like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So, with that in mind, we urged job seekers to search Twitter, LinkedIn updates and other social discussions about vacancies in their field.

Now, there’s a central place for job seekers to search out these hidden jobs, and get their applications in to the hiring organisations before they resort to paid-for advertising some weeks later. Furthermore, for job posts sent out across LinkedIn and Twitter, unless job-hunters are connected to or are following those specific hiring managers or recruiters, chances are they won’t see those posts about vacancies they’re looking for at all.

We were really excited to get this invitation to search Jobsminer and test out its functionality.


Here’s what we discovered so far:

  1. For now, it’s just searching the US. I’m sure the owners are scoping out a global search engine later for its official release.
  2. You can only enter one job title at a time, and are prompted to select from an automatically generated list. However, you can narrow down where to search, by selecting or deselecting certain social networks, segment by time period and by job type (full or part time).
  3. The results, for right now, aren’t completely comprehensive. For example, I tried looking for a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Tech in Pennsylvania. No such jobs came up. But when I actually searched LinkedIn and Twitter for job posts about Pharmaceutical Laboratory techs, I found several, although they weren’t specifically named “Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technician”. Perhaps this beta period can expand the synonyms it searches for, since job titles come in all forms!
  4. By signing in with Facebook, you can save your searches and come back to them later, and you can also invite up to 5 friends during this testing period.

This type of product is exactly what the job market needs – a social search engine that makes job hunting for those hidden jobs a no-brainer. And it gives recruiters and hiring managers a solid reason to continue posting their vacancies across social networks, because they’ll now be seen by more people outside of their network.

Try it out for yourself – can you see this being a game-changer to the social job-hunt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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