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JobVidi: A Job Board with the Candidate Truly in Mind

JobVidiIt seems that every week or so a new Recruiting tool is coming on stream. There’s a gaping hole in the market for a one-size-fits-all, does-everything type recruiting solution, but realistically one size fits no one. During the last week we learned of JobVidi which is a new job-board meets CV-database meets social-network tool. It’s the brainchild of founder James Brookner, and has attracted quite a lot of attention since going to live to recruiters in the last few weeks. His essential premise was to take the best of social networks and try and fix the problems with current job boards, meld the two and see what happens. So far so good!

JobVidi is a new intelligent job board that will promote jobs that are relevant to job seekers depending on their preferences, skills, experience and current salary package. Every job seeker who applies for a role will get a response to their application, whatever the outcome, so the time spent pondering “Did they even get my CV?” is gone forever. Part of the rules of JobVidi are that all recruiters must give a response to each application (and we agree with them), but JobVidi manages that process and reminds recruiters to leave feedback for each application.

In true customizable-fashion, for job seekers, JobVidi operates a traffic light system of availability. If they’re unavailable, their name won’t appear in a recruiter’s search of the database, however they can still search for jobs and apply for roles, selecting which of their data they’d like the recruiter to see when they apply. This is ideal for candidates who are not actively searching the market or who wish to remain anonymous without alerting their current employer to their job seeking efforts.

If a semi-active candidate who is open to offers joins the site, they can select your profile to “Approachable” – their name will appear in search, but with selected information on their profile visible to employers and recruiters.

For active candidates, their name will be found in search, as well as their full profile and the fact they’re actively seeking work. All candidate profiles can be populated using their LinkedIn profile, and edited accordingly.

Job Seekers can also use the Valuation tool to discover their market worth if they decide to change jobs, conversing with industry experts and recruiters about what they’d get if they were to move in the market today.

How does it work for Recruiters?

You can post jobs through JobVidi directly, or you can post your job to JobVidi via LinkedIn using your status update and the hashtag #JobVidi. It then pulls your job into the platform you can edit your job role really quickly by attaching the spec, choosing your industry and sector, range of years’ experience and salary (nothing new there). You can search the JobVidi database for candidates, and add them to your shortlist to converse with later, but what’s really cool is that JobVidi will actually pool potential candidates for you who match your criteria. You can reach out to them through the service, regardless, even if they’re “anonymous”.

Adding a Job to JobVidi

Adding a Job to JobVidi

If an anonymous profile that meets your criteria comes up in your matches, you can send them a message indicating that they may be suitable for your job vacancy and would they like to reveal their full profile and apply for the role.

JobVidi manages the application process for each job, storing each applicant’s profile and tracking their progress through the process. If you’ve not shortlisted an applicant or rejected them, the applicant will automatically be sent a rejection email from you after 14 days.

As a recruiter, you can also demonstrate your expertise and converse with job seekers through the Candidate Valuation Tool. Candidates who are looking to stretch into another industry, country or field can use the tool to see how much they’re worth in another industry – or even just their own. You can answer them directly, giving you the opportunity to converse with a great candidate and promote your roles.

JobVidi is currently in Beta, and is open for recruiters to join for free until July 20th. If you join and post a minimum of 2 jobs before the 20th deadline, then you’ll get unrestricted and exclusive access to JobVidi when it opens fully to candidates later in July.

Have you used JobVidi yet? What’s been your initial thoughts of the platform? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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