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Kick-ass New Cover Images for LinkedIn & Twitter

LinkedIn have launched their new Company Pages for all companies (see our blog on their pre-launch, including specifications for image designs here) yesterday, so in case you haven’t already, you need to get your company’s branding up-to-speed for real impact on your potential clients, customers and candidates.

Also, Twitter have rolled out their new Cover Images to further enhance user’s profiles, and frankly they look really cool. We’ve been playing around with our cover images over the last few days, and have nailed the dimensions to integrate profile photos and the cover image design, so take these dimensions over to your person responsible for graphics in your company, and enhance your company’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles now!

Click here to download the codec for a Twitter profile image, embedded with grids for placement of profile photo. Twitter recommend image dimensions of 1200px wide x 600 px high. Use the codec to help you place everything seamlessly.

Here’s a few examples of great Twitter cover images that expertly integrate the cover and profile photos that you could take inspiration from, and we’ve thrown ours in too:

Ryan Seacrest's Twitter cover image

Ryan Seacrest’s excellent Twitter cover image

Anthony Quintano Twitter cover image

NBC News’ Anthony Quintano’s Twitter cover image

Social Talent's Twitter cover image

Here’s the Social Talent Twitter cover image

Holly Fawcett's Twitter cover image

And here’s my Twitter cover image…


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