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30 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand (Infographic)

Why should a person that you call or email out of the blue, trust what you’re saying? Why should they feel that the job opportunity you have is something they should pay attention to?

Answer: Authenticity i.e. being true to who you are.

It may sound like a wishy-washy notion, but authenticity in the form of a strong personal brand, is an incredibly powerful tool, when you use it right. Why is authenticity important? Well, knowing who you are can help in knowing what your purpose is, but it is also extremely important for succeeding and winning in the dog-eat-dog industry that is recruitment. Being authentic is what makes you unique, and Recruiters who are unique, stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the right candidates.


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  • how to positively influence candidates using Cialdines 6 key principles
  • what authenticity is and why being authentic in business matters
  • how to ensure you’re being authentic in your work
  • how and why to pimp your various social media profiles including LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

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