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Recruit in LatAm? Here's some alternative sites to source from

For those of you recruiting for Latin America and are running out of places to adequately source candidates (very few are on LinkedIn outside of Brazil, Mexico and Chile, whose LinkedIn membership has doubled in the last twelve months in these countries), here are some alternative sites to look at and try to source from.

Brazil Flag - Sourcing international candidates from BrazilBrazil:

The top 10 social networking sites in Brazil are Facebook (2), Youtube (4), Blogspot (8), Orkut (9), Twitter (12), LinkedIn (25), Blogger (31), Tumblr (34), dating site Badoo (42) and Flickr (44). While Facebook is a nuisance to source from with barely any public profiles, sites like YouTube and Orkut (Google’s previous social network experiment, only popular in Brazil and India) can provide alternative profile data.

Here are some Boolean strings to pop in to Google to find profile data for people in Brazil:

Orkut: Do an internal search (this is a Google product so it’s really simple to sign up with your Google account), just put your keywords in the search bar at the top and your location, eg (“software engineer” OR “software developer” OR oracle) (Brazil OR “rio de janeiro” OR “sao paulo”)

Youtube: inurl:user (“job title 1” OR “job title 2”) (brazil OR “rio de janeiro” OR “sao paulo” OR “other brazilian city”)

Mexico Flag - Sourcing International Candidates from Social Networking SitesMexico:

In Mexico, the top 10 social networking sites are Facebook (2), Youtube (3), Yahoo (6), Twitter (7), Blogspot (8), Taringa (13), LinkedIn (20), Tumblr (29), Flickr (31), Badoo (56), and DIY social networking site (168). Alternative sites to search through:

Tumblr: -inurl:tagged -inurl:post -inurl:page -inurl:ask (mexico OR Monterrey OR Leon OR Puebla OR Tijuana) (job title 1 OR job title 2 OR job title 3 ) (“keywords 1” OR “keywords 2”)

Flickr: (mexico OR Monterrey OR Leon OR Puebla OR Tijuana) (job title 1 OR job title 2 OR job title 3 ) (“keywords 1” OR “keywords 2”), which is a place where for a small fee one can create their own social network or community, but all profiles are still x-rayable through the standard domain of even though the community site itself might be called – the band are one of the prominent enthusiasts about this site). So, to search – inurl:profile mexico (“software developer” OR “software engineer” OR “ingeniero de software” OR “desarrollador de software”)

Chile Flag - Sourcing International Candidates from Social Networking SitesChile:

What about Chile? This is a country with an large emerging middle class, and whose social networking trends have blossomed over the last two years. Their top social sites are Facebook (2), Blogspot (6), Yahoo (8), Twitter (9), Taringa (14), LinkedIn (22), Tumblr (25), Flickr (37).

To search chile (oracle OR “ingeniero de software” OR “desarrollador de software”)

Top Tip: Remember, the key to international search is local sites and local languages. While you might have english as a requirement for the job, a candidate’s social profile will 99% of the time be written in their native language. Do your research looking for accurate data on where your people actually are, using to find out the top sites per country and Google Adwords tool to search what people actually search for in a specific region. Use translation sites to translate small areas of foreign language text (it’s never more than about 70% accurate, and is even less reliable for large paragraphs of text), like or, and Google Translate.

What sites do you currently search through for profile data for these, or other, Latin American countries? Let us know in the comments.

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