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5 Pieces of Invaluable Social Sourcing News - 9th June 2014

In the news this week:

New Connect6 Chrome Plug-in Launched

We do love a good Chrome plug-in here at Social Talent and we know you’re bound to love the latest free Chrome plug-in launched by Connect6, a platform for discovering and contacting people AKA candidates. PeopleDiscovery (that’s the name of the tool) does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to look up a person’s publicly available information with virtually no effort, much like Rapportive for Gmail does with your email contacts.

Not only does it show you an individual’s social profiles including the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Quora all in the one place, it also provides you with the individual’s contact details (phone and email) if they are available. By default, these details are starred so they are not visible when a candidate’s aggregated social profile pops up, but all you need to do to reveal them is click “Get Contact” (as illustrated).

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To do this costs one credit, and on first install, you receive 50 credits so that’s not too shabby! The tool also allows you to add any potential candidate you may stumble across online, to your list of favourites so you can come back to them at a later date.

PeopleDiscovery is just another social aggregation tool that’s changing the way we search for candidates by making the search process less time consuming and easier to manage – everything you need is in one place: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, heck even the user’s contact details! Failure to download this tool is failure to do your job, simple as.


New Instagram Editing Features

Choosing a filter to enhance your latest selfie is a tough job y’all. Should I use Lo-Fi for a burst of warmth and contrast, Rise to add a golden glow, or Amaro for a beached out 1970s vibe? Decisions, decisions. But wait, what’s this? Come the next iOS and Android update for the popular app, we’re all about to be presented with some powerful new tools to help us quickly and easily enhance our images on Instagram.

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The new tools will allow you to “minutely customise a picture’s brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and several other imaging characteristics using intuitive on-screen control“. The new features are said to be easy to use and even work well with your current favourite filters, allowing you to reduce the “strength” of the standard filters to just a fraction of its default look. While you make your changes, you can tap and hold down on your photo to see the before image; when you let go, the picture snaps back to the edited version. This tap-and-hold move is a nice bit of interface design; it gives you a fast, intuitive way to understand how your edits are changing your photo.

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So, when you’re not fine-tuning your own selfies, you could put the new tools to use for a bit of employer branding. #justsaying

LinkedIn Announce New Enhanced Profile Page Features

Another day, another piece of LinkedIn news and yet another new LinkedIn feature (didn’t they say something about being better at less things?!). What have the lads been at this time I hear you ask? Well, they’ve been busy working away on a new look profile for you and I, complete with a cover photo and wallpapers. How very Facebook-meets-Twitter-meets-Bebo of them!

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That’s right, new and existing premium members can now visually enhance their personal profile with a larger profile photo, an expanded profile header (much like Twitter’s new layout), early access to a new custom profile background and an exclusive gallery of background images. All other members will get the functionality in a few months but of you want to be ahead of the game, click here to become a beta user of the new features.

But wait, that’s not all. LinkedIn will now help you (premium members) to improve your profile’s optimisation when it comes to listing your skills by suggesting top keywords for you to include. Not only that, but premium members with visually enhanced profiles will also be given a leg up in search results by being displayed at twice the size of regular results and offering the searcher AKA the recruiter, more tidbits from their profile than other results.

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Most excitingly for recruiters we think is premium members’ new ability to make their profile “Open” i.e. so that EVERY LinkedIn member can see their full profile regardless of their connection to them and the ability to reach out to them for free.

The host of new updates corresponds with a brand new starter package offer from LinkedIn called Premium Spotlight. More on that here.

LinkedIn Release ‘Top Cities to Recruit Grads From’ List

In other LinkedIn news, the site have used data from the profiles of recent graduates to put together a list of the top cities you should be hiring tomorrow’s talent from.

Top Destination Cities Attracting Recent Graduates from LinkedIn


The Top 10 Cities to Recruit Grads From:
10. Sao Paulo
9. Bangalore
8. San Francisco Bay Area
7. London
6. Chicago
5. New York City
4. Madrid
3. Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
2. Washington D.C.
1. Paris

Also disclosed in the data were the jobs graduates most frequently accept when they move to the top 10 cities above. 26% of graduates put their newly gained skills to work in Professional services, 17% in tech/software related roles, 11% in finance and insurance and a further 11% in education/government/non-profit organisations.

More information about recent grads can be found here.

Updated Design for Facebook Company Pages

There’s a new look Facebook Company Pages in town! Starting this week, the 30 million active strong business Pages worldwide will have access to a brand new streamlined look and improved functionality.

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What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a Company Page admin it essentially means you will have more control over how your company’s page looks and how it works. Now, admins can adjust the placement of sections in the top navigation menu and left-column menu.

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For more on the new look design and how you can use it to it’s best advantage, click here.

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