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Social Talent are looking for a new Intern!

Social Talent are looking for a new Intern to join the team in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. To apply for an internship with Social Talent, email [email protected]

We also recommend that you watch our webinar on How To: Find A Job Using Social Media, and then make the necessary enhancements to your personal online profiles, because we’ll use those to assess all applicants of this Internship.

As the newbee, you will be learning all kinds of cool stuff, like how to utilise social networks for marketing purposes in Recruitment, how to use editing software, how to do SEO and blogging, and go on film-shoots for our viral video productions! We’re looking for someone from a marketing background, who has recently completed a marketing qualification and is looking for a way to get in to the industry. We’ll provide you with brilliant experience, give you ownership of projects and work and teach you some life-long transferrable skills.

We provide the training and experience, but you’ll be someone special too – to get along in Social Talent you have to work hard, humour Jonathan’s bad jokes, Holly’s baking and Nicola’s obsession with her new iPhone, as well as with put up with the rest of us in the office. You’ll bring some skills that we don’t have already in the business and build your niche from there. There is a full-time job for the right person at the end of the internship. So it’s pretty worthwhile really.

We are fully registered under the Fás JobBridge scheme, so your internship will earn you enhanced JSB Benefits too.

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