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Top 5 Employers of the Most In-Demand IT Skills of 2014

Technical Specialists, Designers, Developers, Engineers – whatever you want to call them, we all know candidates with IT skills are white-hot property right now. IT skills They’re a difficult find, as many recruiters will testify to. They’d much rather hang out on the likes of GitHub and Stack OverFlow than LinkedIn, and they’d much rather communicate via Twitter than they would through email or by phone. So in conjunction with our brand new comprehensive whitepaper which details ‘How to: Recruit Tech Pros on Twitter‘, we’ve put together a list of the most desired tech skills of 2014, the top employers of said skills and some helpful Boolean search strings, to make the challenge just that little bit easier for you and your team to find great tech candidates. If you’re an IT recruiter or an IT company looking to hire staff in 2014, then take note, and if you work for one of these companies, you better be thinking about employee retention initiatives as the rest of us are going to be hunting for your staff soon! So what are these most desired skills, and who employs them currently? Well, according to Stafflink these are the Top 6 Most In-Demand IT Skills of 2014:

  1. Big Data Specialists with Hadoop
  2. Python Developers
  3. DevOps Engineers
  4. Web Developers with Ruby on Rails
  5. Android Mobile Developers
  6. iOS Objective-C Mobile Developers

To search for the top employers of these top 6 IT skills, here’s some searches that we ran on LinkedIn based on the job titles and profile data available:

IT skillsSearch 1: Big Data Specialists with Hadoop:

Keywords: (“hadoop” OR “HDFS” OR “YARN” OR “MapReduce” OR “map reduce” OR “map-reduce” OR “pig” OR “hive” OR “hbase”) Note: Look for developer/engineer job titles as well to eliminate farm workers etc.

Top Employers of Big Data Specialists:

USA: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay Inc.

UK: Google, Microsoft, Expedia Inc., Sky, Yahoo

Ireland: Ericsson, IBM, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, AOL

IT Skills

Search 2: Python Developers

Keywords: (“python” OR “Py2exe” OR “Pyinstaller” OR “CPython” OR “django” OR “grok” OR “web2py” OR “pylons” OR “python2” OR “python3” OR “python2.0”)

Top Employers of Python Developers:

USA: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel Corporation, IBM

UK: Google, IBM, J.P. Morgan, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard

Ireland: IBM, Google, Ericsson, Amazon, Intel Corporation

It skillsSearch 3: DevOps Engineers

Keywords: (“devops” OR “operations” OR “systems” OR “netopps” OR “admin” OR “administration” OR “build” OR “chef” OR “infrastructure” OR “netops” OR “network” OR “networking” OR “noc” OR “operations” OR “ops” OR “puppet” OR “release” OR “site reliability” OR “sre” OR “sysadmin” OR “sysops” OR “systems” OR “webops”) Note: Look for engineers and synonyms of engineer to get the best results.

Top Employers of DevOps Engineers:

USA: IBM, Rackspace, CA Technologies, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard

UK: Sky, IBM, Rackspace, Accenture, Thoughtworks

Ireland: IBM, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, Fidelity Investments, Workday

it skillsSearch 4: Web Developers with Ruby on Rails

Keywords: (ruby OR rails OR ror OR “blue box” OR “engine yard” OR “event machine” OR gem OR heroku OR mongrel OR passenger OR rake OR ree OR rubyist OR sinatra OR webrick)

Top Employers of Ruby Developers:

USA: Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM

UK: Sky, BBC, ThoughtWorks, Google, Sage

Ireland: IBM, Google, Amazon, Ericsson, Workday

It skillsSearch 5: Android Mobile Developers

Keywords: (“android” OR “apk” OR “google play” OR “play store” OR “application package file” OR “AIDE” OR “ADT” OR “ADB” OR “NDK” OR “AOADK” OR “App Inventor” OR “HAC” OR “Basic4android” OR “google apps” OR “google app”)

Top Employers of Android Mobile Developers:

USA: Google, ADT, Amazon, Microsoft, Qualcomm

UK: ADT, Google, Sky, Accenture, BBC

Ireland: Google, IBM, Voxpro, SAP, Intel Corporation

it skillsSearch 6: iOS Objective-C Mobile Developers

Keywords: (ios OR cocoa OR cocos2d OR ipod OR ipods OR (apple AND mobile) OR “iphone sdk” OR iossdk OR ipad OR “core animation” OR “core graphics” OR “core audio” OR “core foundation” OR “core data” OR xcode OR “apple developer” OR “apple developers” OR UIkit OR “objective c” OR objectivec)

Top Employers of iOS Objective-C Mobile Developers:

USA: Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, Google

UK: Apple, Sky, Cisco, BT, BBC

Ireland: Apple, Google, IBM, Amazon, Paddypower

***Remember these search strings won’t work if you just copy and paste them from the article in the likes of LinkedIn due to their formatting i.e. the type of quotations our blogging platform uses – ” “. Just copy and paste them into TextEdit or Notepad where all text formatting will be dropped, before plugging them into a search on LinkedIn etc.

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