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#truManchester Using technology to generate sales leads

We’re at truManchester today discussing recruitment, social media, technology and the future of the industry with fellow recruiters and technology providers.  Over the next 2 days we aim to provide you with a summary of the interesting discussions and debates that we participate in this “unconference”

First up this morning was Mark Lennard to discuss how to generate sales leads with technology.

Mark works for a company called which generates Sales Leads  for recruitment.

The technology looks at all of your clients on your database (db), extracts website addresses from the db (or domains from emails); interrogates the entire web for your client’s websites, finds career and vacancy pages and will find vacancies and will store those pages onto your client account on MyResourcer. Customer is encouraged to create Watchdogs, which are searches for vacancy job titles, the system then continually notifies the user as and when new vacancies are created.

In short, it tells you when your clients have posted a new job on their website or intelligently searches all of your clients’ website based on keywords that you plug into it.

  • Launched 3 months ago to the UK, has been developed over the last 18 moths, 5 months of Beta testing.  Also accidentally launched to the US, a US client contacted them after a favourable blog review.
  • One competitor monitors job boards but logic is that companies will have the job on their site in the first instance.
  • 70% of medium to large companies are advertising their vacancies directly.
  • Big take up in IT, Accountancy & Legal Recruitment
  • Also see a market in selling it to JobsBoards as a lead generation tool.
  • No geographical search ability yet as they scrape unstructured data
  • Working on developing a LinkedIn feature that will suggest contacts who work in that company.
  • UK 2,500 per annum for a 1-2 license agency; UK 5000 for a 5-10 staff organisation.

In the open discussion, Incisive Media the guys behind TwitrJobSearch talked about how they are developing an alternate to which will be able to give you hiring manager details including what they are blogging about, Twitter profile, facebook profile etc.  Test name is PeopleSearch, will be a subscription based site only, not public facing. Much more UK & European oriented.  Will also have an API to tie into other services.  We demoed it later and it is brilliant!  My prediction is that it will be as important as LinkedIn is today once it is launched.

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