Black Belt In Digital Marketing

Everything you need to reduce cost per hire, attract and engage the right talent and improve commercial value for your organisation!

Do you want to gain a better understanding of the digital marketing landscape? Are you finding it difficult to identify the commercial value and ROI of your team? In our Digital Marketing programme, Dave Hazlehurst or ‘Google Dave’ as he is better known will help you improve your own and your teams digital marketing performance so it can become the cornerstone of your recruitment marketing and talent attraction strategy.

What You Will Learn

Build Your Strategy

How to build a strategy and tactical plan for attracting, influencing and engaging with world-class talent.

Create Great Content

How to create great content through the fundamental principle of storytelling and implement social listening, employee advocacy and content cascades.

Measure Social Effectively

How to drive results from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and measure these results effectively.

Optimise SEO

How to optimise SEO for your business by understanding the fundamentals of keyword and topic targeting as well as and driving a multi-platform SEO campaign.