The training platform
for hiring teams

On-demand training for the world's best hiring teams. Flexible learning. Unrivalled content. Leading experts. All brought together on our market-leading platform.

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Socialtalent - The training platform for hiring teams

Why do all these companies trust the SocialTalent platform?

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The world's leading source of hiring training and insight

Real-world Results

Create more efficient hiring processes
- fill more positions, quicker with
better candidates

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World's Best Content

The most practical hiring training
in the world

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Relevant to Your Role

Access only the
information that is most relevant
to your specific role

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Unrivalled content

Unrivalled content

Compelling, consumable and comprehensive, our content is the best in the industry - as are the experts that deliver it. We support your whole hiring team throughout the whole hiring journey. Our constantly updating content covers everything from sourcing and engaging candidates to industry and workplace insight to job-specific coaching. We’re with you every step of the way.

Flexible learning built around your needs

Our platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to create customised learning paths and to access the right content for your specific needs. It’s easy to add and amend content, too - allowing you to create bespoke training programmes fit for your organisation.

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What our customers are saying about us...

“We almost doubled
our resume to
interview ratio!”

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“We increased our hiring
capacity by more than 20%
in less than 6 months”

Some of the world's leading companies are a transforming their hiring with SocialTalent.
Discover how our hiring skills platform can help your organisation find and hire great talent.

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