Engage, upskill and retain your talent with online Internal Mobility training

In the competition for top talent, don't overlook your best asset: your existing employees. SocialTalent's online Internal Mobility training will equip your organization with the mindset and skills to build a strong, diverse internal talent pool.

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Does your organization have the right processes and culture to retain, nurture, and champion internal talent?

Internal Mobility, learning, and career development are increasingly ranked as drivers of great workplaces. Your best talent is already in your organization, ready to tackle new career opportunities.

  • Do you want to boost retention rates and increase employee loyalty?
  • Are employees encouraged to seek out internal opportunities?
  • Do employees have the confidence to interview successfully?
  • Are people leaders comfortable with talent movement in your organization?
  • Do internal candidates enjoy a fair, transparent, and equal recruitment process?
  • Can you easily develop, support, and coach employees in new roles?
  • Does your organization have a succession plan for future leadership roles?
"Make employees feel they are a valued part of the organization and don’t need to look externally in order to grow professionally and personally." Deloitte logo Macbook image
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Employees stay 41% longer at companies that have a lot of internal hiring versus those that don’t.
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Boost employee engagement, reduce attrition, and upskill your teams with Internal Mobility

Internal Mobility is a collaborative partnership between your organization and employees. People leaders should be open to talent sharing, making time for career conversations with their team. Employees need to own their career goals and feel comfortable when seeking out new opportunities.

SocialTalent's online Internal Mobility Training enables Recruiting, HR, and People Leaders to source and mentor internal talent with inclusive, fair processes. Our e-learning training ensures employees will succeed in new roles by cultivating essential leadership, productivity, and people management skills.

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Employees stay 41% longer at companies that have a lot of internal hiring versus those that don’t.
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Why Internal
Mobility Matters

Creating a culture that empowers your people to grow within your company will improve retention, attract new talent, and upskill your workforce for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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69% of TA said Internal Mobility accelerates new hire productivity.


Employees who were promoted within three years of being hired have a  70%  chance of staying on board.


Employees are so invested in creating a new role that nearly a third (31%) would take a pay cut to change positions.


Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.

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Business Impact - of SocialTalent’s online Internal Mobility Training

By building a positive culture around internal mobility with our industry-leading training content, you will:

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  • Movement of people, skills, and experience
  • Employee performance
  • Employee engagement & satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Employer brand
  • Business growth, performance, and agility
  • Succession planning
  • Diverse & inclusive hiring & work practices
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  • Cost per hire
  • Time to hire
  • Employee attrition
  • Time to productivity
  • Non-inclusive hiring practices


  • Talent pipeline with future needs
  • Employee and organizational goals
  • Hiring managers, TA, HR, and leadership
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Give everyone the chance to scale up and grow into new roles

Internal mobility is more than a path to promotion. Changing departments, moving locations, upskilling, stretch assignments - there are many directions our careers can take. Using the RISE Framework, SocialTalent's online Internal Mobility training ensures employees are ready for new challenges.

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Empower employees with the skills to take a proactive approach to internal opportunities.
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Ensure employees are prepared and confident when interviewing for internal roles.
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Help employees transition into new roles with ease.
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Support employees as they continue to thrive in your organization.

Why SocialTalent?

Maximize retention and engagement with SocialTalent’s online Internal Mobility training

  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
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Drive collaboration across your TA team.

Join in the conversation with our discussion feature and see how the rest of your team is doing with leaderboards.


Increase engagement across your organization

Our easy-to-use interface makes learning fun – amplifying the long term retention of knowledge and maximizing engagement.

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Promote recognition for milestones achieved.

Our point system means consistent learning is rewarded, earning badges, levels and skills. Our Kudos system also prompts learners to congratulate their peers’ progress.

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Measure and report on your teams' progress.

Easily track progress with in-depth reporting, allowing you to make sure your team are learning at the correct level.

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Mobile learning

Learn on the go with our mobile app.

Make learning part of your every day routine. The SocialTalent app allows you to learn on the go, with increased ease of use and maximum engagement.

Learn more about our Internal Mobility Training

To learn more about how SocialTalent’s e-Learning platform can help your organization hire, develop and retain great talent, get in touch!

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