The Hiring
Excellence Stage

Heineken's secret to brewing a better brand!

HEINEKEN created a brand that resonates with consumers and job applicants across the globe. It’s easy to attribute success to budget, but that’s not the whole story. Ben shares the inner mechanics of an internal engagement campaign that took the brand to another level - building authentic stories to capture the behaviours and mindset that prove successful, empowering every employee to share their story, and bringing it to life within a decentralized business model.

Ben Clark

Global Head of Talent Acquisition


In his Global TA role at The HEINEKEN Company, Ben Clark heads the development and implementation of groundbreaking tech and processes across 70 diverse, decentralised businesses. Ben’s vast experience spans from headhunting in the financial and banking industries to leading TA teams in both Aviva and Nestlé, empowering these groups to broaden the perception of how they partner with TA. Ben believes that TA is one of the most impactful human resource activities that an enterprise can embrace, and is committed to a culture of evolution in TA practices.

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