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Users of the SocialTalent platform report that they are able to achieve the following goals within 3 - 6 months:

Improve Quality

Source the Best Talent to Fill More Roles:

Agencies have experienced increases of more than 100% in candidates selected for hire.

Grow Volume

More First Round Interviews:

Our experts reveal how to increase first round interviews by up to 75%.

Increase Speed

Reduce Time from Zero to Billing:

Shorten the timeframe between getting a candidate in the door and getting paid.

Expand Knowledge

The Best Training for Your Team:

The most valuable and fresh content from the experts who have shaped the industry.
Everything you need to know
as an agency recruiter.

Our industry-leading experts have defined what success in recruitment looks like. Now they’re sharing their tips, tricks and insights, so your agency can fill more roles faster.

Greg Savage

Master Class

On-Demand Learning That Fits Your Team’s Schedule

Time is precious. That’s why our learning content is delivered in short, precise videos and available on-demand.

With brand new content every two weeks for your team to continuously learn and upskill on the job.

Monitor Progress and Measure Results

Keep track of your team’s progress. Monitor their engagement and activity levels on our platform, and measure how they are implementing the lessons learned in their day-to-day work habits.

Personalise the Learning Experience for your Team

Create friendly competition amongst your team with leaderboards designed to gamify the learning experience and encourage engagement.

Send “Kudos” to your top performers and inspire other to improve and reach the top.

Congratulations Gavin!

David Hill, sent you a Kudos for completing your weekly goal

Congratulations Wil!

You completed your 30 mins training goal today, keep it up

Well done Paul!

You are now first on the leaderboard this week, nice work

The Simple Way Agencies Can Fill Roles Faster

Check out the amazing results achieved by HRU after they started using the SocialTalent platform. If your agency would like to benefit from similar outcomes to those displayed below then get in touch.

Increase in hire


Increase in candidate referrals


Average increase in interviews


Average increase in send outs

“We filled 22% more roles in 9 months”

- Tim Sackett, President, HRU

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