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  • Quality - Find the Talent with the Right Experience
  • Speed - Reduce the Time to Hire
  • Team - Build Trusted Advisors to the Hiring Manager
  • Efficiency - Streamline the onboarding process across multiple departments and sites

Every recruiter in your organisation can be a star performer - all they need is the right content, delivered on the right platform, in the right way.

Learn From the Best

Our industry experts have defined what success in recruitment looks like. Now they’re sharing their tips, tricks and insights, so you can create a culture of excellence within your organisation.

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On-Demand Learning That Fits Your Team’s Schedule

Time is precious. That’s why our learning content is delivered in short, precise videos and available on-demand.

With brand new content every two weeks for your team to continuously learn and upskill on the job.

Data-Driven Solutions
that Scale

Our advanced user-analytics mean you can track progress and drive results.

Access company-wide data, or focus on individual departments to ensure your teams are engaged and meeting their goals.

Personalise the Learning Experience for your Team

Create friendly competition amongst your team with leaderboards designed to gamify the learning experience and encourage engagement.

Send “Kudos” to your top performers and inspire others to improve and reach the top.

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What In-House Recruitment Teams are saying about using SocialTalent?

“SocialTalent is by far the best and most comprehensive recruiting tool that I have seen in my 12 years of technical recruiting.”

- Intel

“I’ve gone from a 25% InMail response rate to 44% and above which has helped me to really stand out as a recruiter.”

- Gary Murphy, Groupon

“With the SocialTalent training, it has given (us) that platform to not only work hard but be smart about it.”

- Hertz

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