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Get the skills and knowledge you need through learning paths which have been specially curated for individual recruiters, or small recruitment teams. Choose from a specific learning path aligned with your current or desired role. Learning paths to choose from include:


  • Get specific training, curated to your needs
  • Proven results and ROI
  • Instant access to our on-demand platform


  • €180 price per user
  • 12 Month contract
  • Monthly payment
  • Total amount €2,160



Reduction in time to hire


Increase in number of hires


Expert recruiting content

Improve Quality

Source the best Talent to fill more roles:

Users have experienced increases of more than 100% in candidates selected for hire.

More first round interviews:

Grow Volume

Our experts reveal how to increase first round interviews by up to 75%.

Increase Speed

Reduce time from zero to billing:

Shorten the timeframe between getting a candidate in the door and getting paid.

Train Smarter.

Activate your on-demand training tool:

Depend on the highest quality training content in the world to outperform your competitors

Expand Diversity Pipeline.

Find the right fit for your company profile:

Build a hiring strategy to reflect the diversity of backgrounds within your community

Expand Knowledge

The Best Training for Your Team:

The most valuable and fresh content from the experts who have shaped the industry.
Meet Your Teachers

Become an expert on every stage of the recruitment process. Learn new skills and expand your existing knowledge.

Torin Ellis
Inclusion & Diversity
Stacy Zapar
Recruiting Process and Candidate Experience
Nikki Hayford
Inclusion for ASD Professionals
Matt Charney
Employer Branding Thought Leader
Lars Schmidt
Talent Strategy
Johnny Campbell
Sourcing, Recruiting Process & Selling
Holly Fawcett
Diversity, Sourcing & Recruitment Marketing
Gerry Crispin
Candidate Experience
Joe Gerstandt
Dave Hazlehurst
Digital Marketing
Craig Fisher
Employer Brand Marketing
Charlotte Marshall
Employer Branding
Bill Boorman
Recruitment Thought Leader
Ayub Shaikh
IT & Technical Recruiting

The SocialTalent impact

Reduce time to hire: Get candidates through the interview process quicker than ever. Users report significant increases in number of interviews after time spent on platform.
Increase quality of hires: Find and engage the best quality candidates who are most likely to succeed in the role. You will place more candidates in a shorter timeframe.
Reduce cost of hire: Get the best candidates without spending lots of time/ money. Agencies report large increases in net fee income as a result of using the platform.
Improve diversity pipelines: Find the talent you need by looking beyond the same old places. Locate the best qualified candidates for the roles you need.
All Your Recruitment Needs Covered:

Job Advertising Effectiveness

Business Development

Candidate Experience

Contacting Candidates

Diversity & Inclusion


Advanced Sourcing


Contacting Candidates


Employer Branding

Business Partnering


Social Media

Networking & Thought Leadership

Tech Sector Knowledge

Strategic Workforce Planning

What They Are Saying About Us?

Click below to see what users are saying about how their recruitment processes have been transformed…

Real Recruiters with Real Results

Angus Grady

“Most of what I do spins around business building using digital media. I do a lot of training, your material is frankly brilliant”

David Wilson

“Learning lots in the course! I love the format, and length of the videos. Very enjoyable!”

Anu Conjetti

“Thanks for making such a fantastic program, it was amazing to prepare for the future of recruitment …….Hats off! :)”

Gavin Spiers
Solutions Driven

“I have seen a 23% increase in interviews since we began the journey with Social Talent”

Jacqueline Hilton
Fidelis Partners

“I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to expand their recruiting knowledge”

Allyson Heath
Credit Suisse

“Excellent training. I learned so much and appreciate all the hard work that was put into this program”


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How many licenses can I purchase?

You can purchase up to 5 licenses within the individual/small team package. If your requirements exceed five users then please refer to our Professional or Agency solution.

How do I pay for the license(s)?

Just click the "Buy It Now" button and enter your payment details.