Want to know how to find the best tech talent, fast?

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We work with high growth companies to help them find the best tech talent, fast.

Finding tech talent has never been so competitive. 80% of tech and engineering managers say they can’t find the tech talent they need to match their company growth. In such a competitive landscape, only the best TA teams win the hearts of the best tech talent in the market. SocialTalent is the hiring skills platform used by fast-growth companies to hire quality talent at scale. We help brands like Atlassian, Toast and Prosus by empowering their TA teams to:

  • Find the best tech talent, fast
  • Align their hiring teams for scale
  • Attract the best talent for growth

Interested in finding out how?

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Start your training and unlock your potential

The SocialTalent platform offers over 120 hours of hyper-relevant recruitment training served in short, precise videos which you can access on desktop or mobile.

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