The complete learning experience platform for hiring teams who want to transform they way they find talent.

The future of hiring
is changing

SocialTalent Transform is a learning experience platform
designed to help enterprise companies advance their hiring
process. Finding quality talent is essential to growth and
success. SocialTalent will partner with you during this digital
transformation to achieve your desired goals.


SocialTalent can help

SocialTalent Transform is a configurable learning experience designed to help
hiring teams to:

Reduce their time to
hire by 25%

Increase number of
hires by 21%

Build strong
diversity pipeline

Attract passive

We Help Companies

As the future of hiring is changing, we're
committed to leading the way and quality talent
is key to that. Partnering with SocialTalent is
integral to delivering on our recruiter
enablement strategy.

Kevin Blair | VP Global Talent Acquisition, IBM

I don't believe we would have seen the big jump in time to fill, quality of candidate pool and overall user satisfaction had the SocialTalent product not been part of our three-year plan.

Cindy Alisesky | Global Recruitment, GSK

SocialTalent provides us the right platform as well as an amazing library of ready to use, relevant training for our organization. The uniqueness of the SocialTalent platform is that it also provides a view into the ROI on training so we can measure how we are driving the business forward through investment in our people.

Terri Lewis | SVP and Global Head of Human Resources, Pontoon

SocialTalent is transforming
how people hire

Follow the

SocialTalent has an impressive library crammed with over 20
experts from the recruitment industry. They have experience of
bringing huge success to the agencies they work with and
have distilled all of their expertise into easy to watch videos so
you can learn as you work.

Holly Fawcett

Strategic Sourcing

Johny Campbell

Market Insights

Lars Schmidt

Employer Branding

Stacy Zapar

Engaging with Talent

Torin Ellis

Diversity and Inclusion

John Vlastelica

Talent Advisor

Specialised Content
delivered by Hiring

The content library ranges from the perfect
onboarding learning path to upskill new recruiters
quickly to leadership and business development for
senior team members

  • Advanced Sourcing
  • HR Business Partner Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Configure learning paths to help your team
transform their current hiring process. Discover and
engage with talent in a new way. Learn how to
prepare for the futre and build a strong and diverse
pipeline to help you find the best talent.

The SocialTalent
Learning Experience

The SocialTalent Platform offers a complete learning solution for corporate
teams all over the world. Our expert content is delivered in the best way
possible so your team stay engaged in their learning and their work

120+ hours of expert hiring
training, updated monthly so
you’re always ahead.

Customisable on-demand
learning which drives
measurable, long-lasting

Short videos designed for
maximum efficient learning

Industry insights and tips
delivered by over 40 of the
world’s leading experts

Take notes, download
content, achieve milestones
and access reports to make
the learning experience
truly collaborative

Dynamic Personalised
Continuous assessmnets
reinforce the lessons to help
retain information

Choose the relevant training
for your team from our
comprehensive library

User Progression Reports
Track your team's progress
as they learn their way to

Guarantees Success

Implementing a learning technology shouldn’t be difficult. SocialTalent Customer Success Team makes it easy as:


Kick Off Calls

So you and your team understand how
to get the most out of SocialTalent


Access to
Customer Success

Support as and when you need it


Business Reviews

Assess how your team are progressing and
how engaged they are in their learning

Find out why more than 2000
enterprises choose SocialTalent

Change the way you do business by transforming your hiring
with SocialTalent