What is Hiring Excellence?

In 2019, SocialTalent gathered the world’s foremost hiring experts to speak on the topic of Hiring Excellence at Unleash World.

Over two days, 18 experts tackled the nuances of the topic; from how IKEA inspire leadership through change, to how Heineken empower employees to create stories that stick.

Join some of the biggest brands in the world on the journey towards Hiring Excellence with SocialTalent. All of the talks from our Hiring Excellence stage are available to watch in full below - so what are you waiting for!?

Hiring Excellence Speakers

Johnny Campbell CEO and Co-Founder


TA Maturity Models

Soeren Winter Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Zalando SE

Interview Automation

Joanna Abeyie Managing Director

Blue Moon

Power of Exclusion

Johnny Campbell

TA Maturity: Why you’ll never get there & why that’s ok

Many models of Talent Acquisition have been proposed, each suggesting that one day you’ll reach the summit of excellence. In his talk, Johnny will demonstrate the flaw in this logic and propose a new framework of maturity that will require you to “give away your legos” and start thinking about the real role TA plays in business strategy.


Soeren Winter

Automation of Interview Scheduling - how Zalando used automation technology to create efficiency and improved candidate experience

Interview scheduling is often the unloved part of Talent Acquisition which many companies struggle with. In this talk, Soeren will explain Zalando’s approach to tech in Talent Acquisition and how Zalando's TA team was able to reduce the manual workload of interview scheduling while improving the candidates experience and speeding up the process.


Joanna Abeyie

The Power of Exclusion

Joanna Abeyie explains how to include talent through powerful, real life storytelling offering practical solutions to your diversity needs


Candice DeClerck Global Director, Talent Acquisition


Influencing Recruitment Strategy

Ben Clark Global Head of Talent Acquisition


Epic Employer Branding

Lars Schmidt Founder


HR in the 21st Century

Candice DeClerck

Talent Market Intelligence – How to influence recruitment strategy

Imagine you had a tool that could tell the exact size of a given talent pool, with a specific skillset, in specific locations, in target companies and much much more. Naspers have created a simple inhouse tool that takes advantage of market insights and provides recruiters with data they need to better inform their hiring managers, enhancing storytelling and influencing capability, and simultaneously raising TA credibility. Join us to learn more about how we are using market data to influence our recruiting strategies.


Ben Clark

Heineken's secret to brewing a better brand!

HEINEKEN created a brand that resonates with consumers and job applicants across the globe. It’s easy to attribute success to budget, but that’s not the whole story. Ben shares the inner mechanics of an internal engagement campaign that took the brand to another level - building authentic stories to capture the behaviours and mindset that prove successful, empowering every employee to share their story, and bringing it to life within a decentralized business model.


Lars Schmidt

A New Era of Human Resources: Inside 21st Century HR

The field of HR is evolving. What does it mean for practitioners? What does great HR look like today? This engaging talk from Amplify Founder, Lars Schmidt, will share a vision for the HR team of tomorrow - today.


Lee Andrews Head of Talent Acquisition


Making better decisions

Chris Long Manager- Organisational Strategy

Sydney Metro

Creative Hiring

Paul Maxin VP Talent Acquisition EMEA

Publicis Sapient

TA Roadmaps

Lee Andrews

Select For [IBM]: License to Hire

An exclusive introduction to IBM Talent Acquisition's newest creation - 'Select for [IBM]' - an app and a way of working built to enhance the interview and hiring experience for hiring managers, interviewers, TA professionals and, most importantly, candidates.


Chris Long

Transforming the Future Workforce

With technology advances changing demographics, and the growing influence in consumer and talent markets shaping the future of work, business leaders are experiencing both threats as well as opportunities. See how you can use this shifting landscape as an opportunity to improve how work is done. Hear how emerging technologies can enable work to become more impactful and productive and better support the overall wellbeing of employees.


Paul Maxin

How to set your TA Vision & Roadmap

Talent Acquisition transformation, like any other, is a continuous journey rather than something that’s ever complete. Creating a current baseline and future vision through the lens of a maturity model will inform your strategy and outcomes. Paul tells you how to do this with success in mind


Barbara Lee SVP Global Talent Acquisition


TA Transformation

Shannon Custard Global Talent Acquisition Manager


Leadership Through Change

Hung Lee Curator and Co-Founder

Recruiting Brainfood and Workshape.io

Epic Engagement

Barbara Lee

TA Transformation: How Nielsen managed a global reorganisation of the Talent Acquisition function

Transformation is an inticing and daunting prospect. The challenge of managing and coordinating TA as a global function was simply too exciting an opportunity for Barbara to pass up. This session will explore how Nielsen managed to implement new technologies across over 100+ markets and create a globalised process that embodies effiency and scalability.


Shannon Custard

Leadership through change

Automation and digitalization are solving many TA/HR challenges, but motivated teams and strong leaders is our key to success. The human factor makes all the difference and Shannon will discuss how IKEA empower co-workers and develop leaders that achieve results even when the odds are against them


Hung Lee

Changing the UX of the Inbox: 10 Lessons from sending 1 million emails to recruiters

Email remains the default mode of communication in business. When I started Recruiting Brainfood, I wanted to change how we experience it. This short talk is a collection of lessons from sending over 1 million emails to the recruitment community - what works, what doesn't, how to get attention, how to build audience and how to change the UX of the inbox.


Maren Hogan CEO and Founder

Red Branch Media

Attitude and Aptitude

Kate Warman Global Lead


Benefits of shared service model

Holly Fawcett Head of Content and Curriculum


Hiring Excellence Framework

Maren Hogan

Hiring for Attitude and Aptitude: Get the Brains and the Smile

Attitude or aptitude? All recruiters want a candidate with the skills to perform, but not at the risk of losing a good cultural fit. Truth is, we don’t want a choice - we want it all. For a long time talent acquisition professionals have been under the impression you should focus on one over the other. Maren Hogan dives into this question to strike the balance between what we need and what we want in a candidate. At the end of this session, you will know how to approach your own assessment process with a more critical eye, building your hiring decisions around what will work best for your company.


Kate Warman

The Human Connection: Harnessing the Value of a Shared Service Model

Traditionally, the value of the Shared Service model is attributed to its lower cost. While cost savings and scalability are welcomed outcomes, the biggest value of the Shared Service model is to give recruiters time back to focus on the human connection: being a trusted talent advisor and creating meaningful candidate connections.


Holly Fawcett

A framework of hiring excellence: How the repositioning of TA is driving business change

"Bringing your organization through a roadmap, to go from alright to good to great, as you transform from a reactive and inefficient recruiting model to a proactive, holistic talent model, is not a well-chartered path. Until now. As SocialTalent have mapped the maturity of not just recruiting, but hiring manager maturity and the overall organization’s approach to talent strategy, we now have a framework that can chart your journey towards hiring excellence. In this rapid-fire session, Holly will share with you how you can elevate hiring to its true home (as priority one for the board) and refocus your whole the organisation on walking the walk when we talk about “our business is nothing without its people"


Matt Charney Chief Content Officer and Editor

Allegis and Recruiting Daily

Recruiting in a Recession

Jolie den Boer AVP Recruitment CE & Africa


Improving Candidate Experience

Bill Boorman Founder

Bill Boorman Ltd and #Tru Unconferences

Employer Branding

Matt Charney

Recruiting in a recession

It’s been over 10 years now since the economy was mired in one of the worst recessions in history. Fueled by the spectacular burst of the speculative housing bubble and the dramatic downturn of global markets, the employment picture a decade ago looked a whole lot less robust than it does today. Matt Charney dives into the data to share some surprising insights about where people are spending their budget


Jolie den Boer

How to change the candidate experience for the better while fighting the war for talent

Being a digital company Cognizant like to give candidates a truly unique digital experience. Jolie discusses the powerful impact of building an app that sets their candidate experience apart from the competition


Bill Boorman

Dude, who moved my brand?

In this session Boorman will share research based on tracking 7mn job applications with 17 companies across the globe. How did the applicants get to apply and what happens after? What stages of the process are best served by automation? Has employer brand been replaced by something new? Expect some controversy. Hold on to your hats!


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