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In the intricate realm of talent advising, guiding organizations towards the right hires is essential for sustained growth. Skilled talent advisors, acting as consultant partners, are the linchpin of hiring achievements. Our holistic training program gives professionals the pivotal knowledge and strategies needed to go from order processor to consultative partner. From understanding client needs and corporate culture to shaping collaborative hiring plans, harness the skills to guide organizations in securing top talent.


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Gain the skills you need to drive your organization’s employer brand strategy and boost your career. This course gives you the tools to shape an authentic and attractive employer identity, engaging every relevant audience. Learn methods to articulate genuine brand stories and craft human-centric value propositions, to forge memorable and genuine candidate touchpoints, to collaborate with leadership for brand consistency, and to establish a robust brand presence, bolstering your organization’s talent acquisition performance.

Core areas of certification


Learn the steps of creating your employer brand strategy based on your organization’s values.


Get the skills to instill your employer brand into your talent process and to begin measuring it’s impact.


Learn how to design and execute effective employer branding campaigns from start to finish.

Program Structure

Meet the experts

Ed Nathanson

Ed Nathanson, founder of Red Pill Talent and host of the hilarious “Are You Not Entertained?” podcast, is an experienced global Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and HR leader. And as such, the best man to talk to us about adding humour and heart to your employer branding and candidate experience.

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