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As generative AI continues to develop, using AI the right way is vitally important. Great recruiters are learning how to use AI to help them reduce time on repetitive tasks and spend more time on what matters. Our AI in Recruitment course teaches you the basics and more about using AI. You’ll gain an understanding of the ‘what’, the ‘when’, and the ‘how’ of AI usage. You’ll learn how to improve workflows, idea generation, task automation, decision-making, and time management through AI. With this training, you can be confident that you are effectively using AI to help you find and hire better talent.


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What will you do

This training walks you through how to use AI to streamline the hiring process, from start to finish. You’ll discover how AI can help craft better job ads, showcase your company in a positive light, improve the candidate experience, collaborate efficiently with your team, and maintain a ready list of potential hires. You will learn how to ethically and effectively get the most out of AI tools. Dive into AI and see how it can set you apart and improve your hiring results.

Core areas of certification

Understanding AI

Gain a better knowledge of what AI is and the basics of how to use it to benefit your work.

How to use Generative AI as a Recruiter

Learn the most effective methods for using AI to help with recruitment tasks. 

How to Use AI to Optimize Your Work

Explore the tools and techniques available to you that will help you perform better and faster.

Program Structure

Meet the experts

Cobih Obih

Cobih Obih is a senior product manager at Stack Overflow, where he is focused on using generative AI and large language models to improve user experience. He previously worked as a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and as a Product Support Manager at Google Search and Assistant.

Maisha Cannon

Maisha Cannon is a recruiter turned sourcer with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to her years of experience at companies like Google, LinkedIn, and GitHub, Maisha has earned international recognition for her unique approach to finding, engaging, and assessing talent.

Holly Fawcett

Holly’s extensive experience working with global TA leaders has shaped how the world’s leading enterprises have achieved hiring maturity. Her experience in this space is unparrallelld, making her one of the most sought-after advisors on talent transformation in the world.

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