Uncover top talent with Candidate Prep

Uncover top talent with Candidate Prep

Elevate your recruiting game, streamline interviews, and build an irresistible employer brand with expert-led training, delivered on a customizable platform.

Elevate your recruiting game, streamline interviews, and build an irresistible employer brand with expert-led training, delivered on a customizable platform.

Companies creating an exceptional interview experience

Empower your candidates with SocialTalent's Candidate Prep Program

We’ve trained thousands of hiring managers to be better interviewers. Now, we're flipping the script and providing candidates with the same expert knowledge.

How it works

Align hiring managers and candidates

Create a stress-free interview for hiring managers and candidates. Our bite-sized videos for candidates combine the proven frameworks in our Interviewing training with real-world insights from leading career coach, Aimee Bateman.

Create an engaging candidate experience

Give your candidates access to the training in a user-friendly, branded environment with a simple link. 

Upload videos and resources about your hiring process, company culture, and anything else you’d like to share.

Ensure equitable hiring outcomes

Allow candidates to showcase their skills and competencies equally by giving everyone access to the same resources.

Frequently asked questions

At SocialTalent, we’ve enabled thousands of recruiters and hiring managers to improve their hiring processes. We know that’s only half the story. Now, we are bringing actionable tips and strategies to candidates to create a level playing field.

Our new Interview Preparation Program enables organizations to get candidate-smart by combining expert-led content with seamless access on the SocialTalent platform.

What's included

  • Expert-led training: We equip interviewees with the tools they need for success. The content aligns perfectly with the tried-and-true frameworks and techniques found in our Interviewing solution.
  • Actionable insights: The training is delivered by renowned career coach, Aimee Bateman, based on her learnings from over 4,000 interviews.

Where it happens

Candidates access the training in a personalized, branded environment on the SocialTalent platform.

Our Interview Preparation Program is seamless. We’ve minimized administration and access so your candidates can maximize their learning time. 

Access management 

Your SocialTalent admin will:

  • Add candidates to a designated license pool, ensuring accurate reporting for your learners and candidates.
  • Assign the necessary learning path.
  • Customize the landing page with your company's logo and a warm welcome message for candidates.
  • Create a unique link for sharing with candidates.

To maintain strict data protection, you have the option to appoint administrators to oversee this process.

Candidate experience 

Using the unique link, candidates can quickly create a SocialTalent account for training access. Candidates will have access to their assigned training materials for 90 days. They will not be able to view your wider SocialTalent library. 

Platform features, like leaderboards and discussions, will be disabled.

The best interview processes establish an atmosphere where candidates can flourish. By investing in interviewee training, companies demonstrate their commitment to supporting candidates throughout the whole recruiting process, creating a positive and equitable impression. 

Interviewee training offers numerous benefits to organizations and candidates:

  • Improve interview performance: When candidates have the time and space they need to prepare, they can showcase their capabilities and present the best evidence of their skills. 
  • Reduce anxiety and stress: Interviewee training helps candidates manage the anxiety and stress associated with interviews. With the right techniques and strategies, candidates can approach interviews with confidence, making it easier to uncover their potential and make the right hiring decisions.
  • Streamline interview processes: By prepping candidates with their specific interviewing framework, companies reduce the effort required throughout the entire interview process, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Boost employer brand: Offering interviewee training demonstrates a commitment to fairness and equal opportunity. Candidates are more likely to be attracted to and retained by companies that prioritize professional development and support candidates throughout the recruiting process. This enhances the employer brand and leads to higher application rates.
  • Ensure equitable outcomes: Interviewee training levels the playing field by providing all candidates with access to the same resources. This promotes fairness and equal opportunity, allowing candidates to confidently demonstrate their skills and competencies on an even basis. Interviewee training ensures that every candidate has a fair chance to shine and be considered for the job they deserve.