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After over a decade in the business, we like to think we know a thing or two about learning . We want our content to be the best in the world, but also consumable, easy to access, relevant and fun.

The SocialTalent platform has been engineered to create a positive, engaging learning experience for your team. Plus, our platform is EN ISO 27001:2017 certified, so you know your team is learning in a secure, reliable, and robust environment

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Key benefits


Learning is more successful when it’s regular, which is exactly why SocialTalent has been created to fit easily and effortlessly into any lifestyle.

Developed so any level of user can start learning immediately, the SocialTalent platform is easy to use and intuitive. Fancy taking learning on the go? Our mobile app makes it simple to do so. And with bitesize video content, even if you’ve only got a few minutes, you’ll still learn something.

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Hyper-relevant learning

Relevancy of content to a learner massively affects engagement and retention of knowledge. While our library covers everything your team will need for the entire talent journey, we want their learning experience to be as specific and tailored as possible.

Our intelligent platform will generate personalized recommendations based on individual needs, and our “Add Any Content” feature allows you to add any learning content you want or need. So whether it’s TED talks, YouTube videos, articles, studies, or your own branded content – SocialTalent lets you create learning experiences that are as unique as you are.

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Use when, where and how you want

No matter where and when you choose to learn, we have you covered.​ While we’ve developed SocialTalent to provide everything your organization will need as a comprehensive LXP platform​, we also offer multiple integration options for 3rd party learning systems​. And with our mobile app, your team can truly learn when they want, where they want!

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Gamification and community

Sharing and interaction with other learners doesn’t only help retention, but it’s also a more fun learning experience! Taking action on the platform earns points, all of which can help your team achieve badges, milestones and skill level achievements.

Your team can have a little fun and see how their points stake up against their colleagues with our leaderboards – who will come out on top?

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SocialTalent’s customizable reports system means that you can easily keep track of your team’s progress. Our in-depth reports will show easy to understand snapshots which can help you see what’s working, and what needs extra attention.

Monitor the metrics which matter to you, and easily create custom reports detailing performance at individual, team and departmental levels.

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Global scalability

How we work is changing – but the need to support, develop and grow your people isn’t. SocialTalent provides learning to fit the modern lifestyle, allowing your team to learn where, when and how they want. The SocialTalent platform means you can easily replicate the effectiveness of classroom teaching virtually across global teams. And throw in our translation options, you can be confident being able to provide an equal learning experience for all.

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