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Forget boring or clunky learning platforms. With industry-leading training delivered on an intuitive platform, your teams will love using SocialTalent.

That’s why our content has an industry-beating NPS score of 90 and a course completion rate of over 85%.

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Key benefits


Our bite-sized approach to learning means that even the busiest employee can fit SocialTalent into their week.

We make learning available to everyone with videos, transcripts, closed captions, and multiple language options, available on our desktop or mobile apps.

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Hyper-relevant learning

The best learning experiences are tailored to individual needs.

Our ready-to-use learning paths are built for learners at different career and skill levels, ensuring everyone can find content that is relevant.

Want to create specific, tailored learning experiences for your teams? Build custom learning paths, guide users with personalized recommendations, or blend your content with our library. From TED talks to YouTube videos, articles, studies, and your own branded content – give your learners what they need to succeed.

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SocialTalent has everything your organization needs in a comprehensive LXP platform​. We’ve made our platform intuitive and straightforward so your teams can delve straight into their learning

Need to manage your learning resources in one place? SocialTalent integrates with popular learning management systems​. Desktop, mobile, your platform, or ours - SocialTalent is always accessible to your learners.

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Gamification and community

Build a learning culture with an interactive experience. Encourage your teams to make learning part of their day with points, badges, and milestone achievements. Celebrate wins by sharing kudos, recognition emails, and personalized certificates.

Get social with discussion forums, a place for learners to collaborate and share insights on course content.

Our learning leaderboard lets users see how their points stack up against their colleagues – who will come out on top?

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Quickly understand what’s working and where learners need extra help with at-a-glance dashboards and detailed reports. Get insights into Engagement, Goal Tracking, Certificates, Mission Progress, Content Feedback, and more.

Easily create customizable reports to track what matters to you at the individual, team, and departmental levels.

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Global scalability

How we work is changing – but the need to support, develop and grow your people isn’t.

The SocialTalent platform means you can easily replicate the effectiveness of classroom teaching virtually across global teams.Plus, our platform is EN ISO 27001:2017 certified, so you know your team is learning in a secure, reliable, and robust environment.

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