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Empower every employee with actionable insights

Intuitive interface, inspired by streaming platforms
On-demand learning on desktop and mobile
Transcripts and closed captions for enhanced accessibility
Multiple language options for global teams
Learn from a diverse faculty 

Roll out high-quality training to global teams

Advanced user management capabilities for easy administration
Deploy to 10,000+ learners in a week
Seamless integration with popular LMS
Choose from 100+ ready-to-use learning paths
Create custom learning experiences to meet your goals

Build a learning culture with an engaging experience

Microlearning that fits into the flow of work
Simplify complex ideas into actionable insights
Reward learning with points, badges, and milestones
Engage in interactive discussions and collaboration
Recognize and celebrate success with kudos and certificates

Drive adoption

and impact with learning metrics

Monitor engagement, course completion, content feedback, and more
Save time by scheduling automated reports
Create custom reports to track your specific goals

Scalable learning in a secure, reliable, and robust platform

Single Sign-On 

Multi-factor authentication

Administration roles for designated users