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"It's about empowerment, it's not just upskilling. It's about giving your team the tools to continuously learn. That's why we have chosen to work with SocialTalent."

Lisa Ford

Global TA Vice President

“The SocialTalent platform was integral to my application of the Requisition Value Model. It allowed me to confidently focus my team, knowing they would receive a universal foundation of hiring expertise."

Kevin Blair

VP Global Talent Acquisition

“SocialTalent was a brilliant investment of my time. It educated me in how to conduct an interview in a way that will benefit my company and, more importantly, the candidate.”

Jonathan Buchanan

Operations Director

"This is a must have learning resource for anyone that recruits and hires candidates. It's the most incredibly useful training program I've ever seen for Talent Acquisition."

Ramon Cordero

Human Resources

How Nokia is elevating candidate, hiring manager, and TA experience

After a company restructure, Nokia wanted to upskill its TA function in order to find and hire the right talent needed to meet their new goals, while also elevating experience across the board. A full suite of training, that was ready-made and capable of delivering results, was required – so SocialTalent was the natural choice.

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How Celonis is hiring critical talent 2x faster

Tasked with ramping up hiring without increasing the base cost, Celonis needed a scalable solution for their whole TA team. Partnering with SocialTalent allowed them to empower their recruiters with the training they needed to drive results. Then, by leveraging Kevin Blair’s (VP of Global Talent Acquisition) unique Requisition Value Model, Celonis were able to prioritize and allocate resources, enabling them to hire critical talent twice as fast.

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How Cisco created a world-class candidate experience

With the goal of optimizing their approach to interviews, Cisco operationalized and rolled-out SocialTalent learning to hiring managers and panelists. By making the training mandatory, Cisco saw huge increases in NPS scores, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

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How Nielsen drove internal TA consultancy at a global level

After moving from a decentralized recruitment model, Nielsen hired 80 new TA associates across different global locations. The challenge was to balance this dispersed team's varying levels of experience and train them to also provide an internal consultative function. Find out how Nielsen leveraged the SocialTalent platform to successfully provide scalable and effective learning and reduce time to hire by 25%.

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WilsonHCG experiences its highest annual revenue growth to date

After experiencing significant growth, WilsonHCG, a global RPO, needed a training solution that could scale along with the business. Find out how SocialTalent was embedded into the company’s learning culture and helped them achieve their highest revenue increase to date.

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Employee engagement and enablement on a global scale

By putting L&D front and center and establishing it as a strategic priority, Pontoon has established a true culture of learning. This has led to an increase in customer NPS, a 13.4% reduction in time to fill and a 77% reduction in time to shortlist.

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Hudson RPO reduces new hire ramp-up times by over 66%

Hudson RPO’s primary challenge had been to improve the training and development of its sourcing team. However, it quickly realized that a complete learning solution was needed on all facets of recruitment. Discover how SocialTalent was rolled out as the core LMS and formed the backbone of Hudson RPO’s entire colleague development program.

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How a leading global chemical company reduced agency dependence from 80% to 10%

After an in-house review, one of the world’s leading chemical companies made the decision to create a best-in-breed internal recruitment function. Powered by the SocialTalent platform, this organization now delivers on-going training and development to its talent acquisition and sourcing teams creating a culture of hiring excellence, reducing time-to-fill and driving alignment.

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Chemical Company

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Technology Company

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How a technology company elevated candidate experience and its employer brand

Find out how this leading global technology company transformed its hiring strategy by leveraging the SocialTalent e-learning platform to embed a culture of development and future-proof its approach to talent acquisition.

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HRU Technical Resources increase new hires by over 21% in 9 months

HRU Tech were tasked with finding a sourcing solution that would enable recruiters to make better quality hires. Partnering with SocialTalent, the company rolled out the e-learning platform to its teams and not only saw an increase in the number of new hires, but also a 24% rise in gross profits.

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Solutions Driven increase candidate placements by 20% and recruiter productivity by 14%

Solutions Driven, a staffing and recruitment firm, leverages SocialTalent’s e-learning platform to train its recruiters, ensuring it delivers the best talent to its clients as efficiently as possible

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Building a culture of continuous learning to drive hiring excellence globally

Leading global technology company rolls out SocialTalent’s training and development platform to drive the highest standards in hiring across the organization.

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Technology company

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