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Leading global chemical company reduces agency dependence from 80% to 10%

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After an in-house review, one of the world’s leading chemical companies made the decision to create a best-in-breed internal recruitment function that improved alignment within the business and drove the speed and quality of hires.​


Powered by the SocialTalent platform, this organization looked to deliver on-going training and development to its talent acquisition and sourcing teams.​ Their aim? To develop the TA teams into consultants to manage the full hiring life cycle.

"SocialTalent empowered the company's TA teams with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the full life cycle of the hiring process"​

Business impact

As a result of the ongoing training from SocialTalent, this company was able to reduce their agency dependence from 80% to 10%. Coinciding with this, the relationships between hiring manager and TA consultant strengthened and a culture of hiring excellence was created. Efficiency improved, increasing both time-to-hire and quality of candidates.

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