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How Celonis is hiring critical talent 2x faster

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Due to a period of rapid growth, the Celonis talent acquisition team were tasked with ramping up hiring without increasing base cost – and they needed a scalable solution.


SocialTalent empowered the team with the training they needed to drive results. Combined with the use of the unique Requisition Value Model, the team were able to strategically prioritize their hiring resources.

"The SocialTalent platform was integral to my application of the Requisition Value Model. It allowed me to confidently focus my team, knowing they would receive a universal foundation of hiring expertise."​ Kevin Blair​ VP Global Talent Acquisition

Business Impact

By adopting SocialTalent and this hiring model, Celonis were able to recruit for critical roles 2x as fast. Alongside this, hiring metrics across all roles improved owing both to the increased knowledge base and alignment that SocialTalent’s expert content provided. Candidate experience was also positively impacted due to the roll-out, as well as hiring velocity.

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