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How Nielsen drove 
internal TA consultancy 
at a global level

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After moving from a decentralized recruitment model and hiring 80 new talent acquisition associates, Nielsen wanted to drive internal TA consultancy at a global level.


By leveraging the SocialTalent platform, learning paths were created to balance the varying level of TA experience, enabling them to provide a consultative function.​

"It's about empowerment, it's not just upskilling. It's about giving your team the tools to continuously learn. That's why we have chosen to work with SocialTalent."​ Lisa Ford​ VP Talent Acquisition

Business impact

Nielsen reported that not only is SocialTalent a great tool to demonstrate their commitment and investment to internal L&D, but also showed improved and enhanced interview processes, requiring 50% less rounds, and also reducing the overall time to hire by 25%. Alongside this, hiring manager satisfaction scores rose from 76.4% 
to 84%.

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