Recruiting Training for Corporate Teams

Hiring the right candidates begins with your recruiters, hiring managers, and recruiting leaders. Designed to upskill and reskill your TA Team, our recruitment training is best in class.

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In our Recruiting Training program, your Talent Acquisition team will learn to:

  • Develop a global, consistent, and scalable hiring process
  • Hire the best talent for your business at scale and at pace
  • Hire more diverse talent and drive more inclusive hiring
  • Elevate your candidate experience and employer brand
  • Find and onboard new recruiters fast enough to keep up with demand
  • Benchmark and develop the skills of your TA team to maximize performance, engagement and retention
Quote decoration The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 11 million jobs available at the end of January 2023, with approximately two job openings for every unemployed American." image circle

Ongoing talent shortages are the primary threat to business success and innovation. As TA teams grapple with the impact of the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the changing expectations of workers, recruiting and hiring top talent has never been more important. SocialTalent's online recruiter training enables organizations to drive better hiring and business outcomes. We’ll upskill your current hiring team while giving you the knowledge you need to train new recruiters and build repeatable processes. Our expert-led training program ensures your talent acquisition team has the skills and confidence to attract, find, and hire the best talent.
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67% of talent leaders are leveraging technology to make recruiting more productive and efficient
In a recent SocialTalent survey of 400 global Talent
Leaders, we asked what is your organization doing to bolster your recruiting efforts?

The World’s Leading Talent Acquisition Training Platform

With an industry-beating NPS score of 86 and a course completion rate of over 87%, SocialTalent is the world's leading training platform for recruiting and hiring teams. Spanning every stage of the recruitment lifecycle, our online training enables TA teams to improve the speed, quality, and diversity of hiring, and embed hiring excellence company-wide.

SocialTalent’s recruiting training courses cater to different career and skill levels, with content for entry level recruiters and recruiting managers alike. Learners always have access to content that they can understand, utilize, and grow from.

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In a recent SocialTalent survey of 400 global Talent
Leaders, we asked what is your organization doing to bolster your recruiting efforts?
67% of talent leaders are leveraging technology to make recruiting more productive and efficient
Transform icon
Transform Transform your hiring process and strategy to improve the speed, quality and diversity of your hiring
Benchmark icon
Benchmark Benchmark the skills of your existing TA team and elevate your recruiters' skills to drive better-hiring results
Retain icon
Retain Drive better engagement, productivity and performance within your hiring team and improve employee retention
Align icon
Align Improve alignment between your TA team, hiring managers, and leadership to drive hiring success
Align icon
Build Build your own internal recruiter academy to develop recruiting talent
Elevate icon
Elevate Elevate your candidate experience and employer brand

High-performing companies using SocialTalent's Hiring training platform to enable their teams with best-in-class TA training to drive hiring excellence company-wide.

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Up to


increase in female candidates

increase in female candidates

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of TA leaders believe it’s harder to find qualified talent compared with a year ago.

Korn Ferry

global employee engagement rate among global companies

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of Fortune 500 executives don't believe that their companies recruit highly talented people

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of Corporate directors see their organizations as excellent at recruiting a diverse workforce

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Did you know...

TA is dealing with a unique situation for talent. Economic uncertainty is on the horizon, yet unemployment rates are at record lows. Job openings are more than twice as high as they were before the last two recessions. Skilled talent is in demand, with many organizations experiencing skills shortages or preparing for shortages.

Recruiting and TA organizations are under pressure as they try to rapidly scale hiring processes in this difficult market. SocialTalent will develop your team in critical areas such as inclusive sourcing and hiring, employer branding, and strategic leadership, giving your team an advantage in a challenging market.

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Business Impact - of SocialTalent's Recruiting Training

By empowering your recruiting team with best-in-class training in
how to attract, find and hire the best talent at scale you will…​

Improve image


  • Quality of hire
  • Diverse & inclusive hiring
  • Candidate experience
  • Recruiter productivity
  • Recruiter engagement & retention
  • Employer brand


  • Time-to-hire
  • Cost per hire
  • New recruiter ramp-up time
  • New hire attrition


  • Inclusive hiring practices globally
  • TA and hiring managers
  • Global talent acquisition & management

ROI - Quickly scale your recruiting efforts while improving your quality of hire

We work with some of the world's leading organizations helping them to hire at scale by
training and developing their talent acquisition teams to excel at recruiting.

We enable companies to create a culture of hiring and to drive hiring excellence
globally. We've helped our customers improve the following hiring metrics:


Green arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in time-to-hire
Green arrow up
Faster – Hiring of critical talent
Violet arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in time-to-offer
Green arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in new hire ramp-up time


Violet arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in Candidate experience NPS
Green arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in hiring mananger satisfaction


Green arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in female candidates
Violet arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in number of women in leadership roles
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Hear from our customers how much they
love our online recruiting training

SocialTalent not only provides superlative and up-to-date training on a very fun and digestible platform, it also gives you and your teams access to connect and grow your network with thought leaders who are subject matter experts!"
Kelly Bryant Recruiting Manager
SocialTalent is head and shoulders above the competition. Especially in terms of knowing the company, listening, responsiveness, and their ability to change. As relationships go, it’s been exceptional."
Annabel Nichols Global Recruiting Transformation and Diversity Lead
Using the SocialTalent e-learning platform has been one of the keys to our success. It helped empower my TA team with all the recruiting and hiring training they needed to excel at their jobs and to drive results."
Kevin Blair VP Talent Acquisition
SocialTalent is much more than a training vendor - they're partners playing a significant role in shaping our TA strategy."
TA & Attraction Manager Leading Global Technology Company
SocialTalent gives all our colleagues significant development opportunities by providing access to great training content in one central place - which includes content provided by SocialTalent, their thought leadership network and our own internal content."
Darren Lancaster CEO
Hudson RPO
SocialTalent speaks for itself when it comes to business impact. Giving our employees access to the highest standard of recruitment training has in turn generated record growth for the business."
Kim Pope COO
Wilson HCG
Our partnership with SocialTalent has allowed us to build what is a truly innovative learning program that is not only a differentiator but has solidified our talent base in a highly turbulent candidate market."
Christoph Niebel President
I wanted to find a way to give back to the team, to train them to do different things and become more valuable."
Yaser Ahmad Global Vice President, Talent
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Why SocialTalent?

Maximize TA performance and engagement with
SocialTalent’s online recruiting training

  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
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Drive collaboration and discussion across your team.

Join in the conversation with our discussion feature and see how the rest of your team is doing with leaderboards.


Increase engagement across your organization

Our easy-to-use interface makes learning fun – amplifying the long term retention of knowledge and maximizing engagement.

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Promote recognition for milestones achieved.

Our point system means consistent learning is rewarded, earning badges, levels and skills. Our Kudos system also prompts learners to congratulate their peers’ progress.

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Measure and report on your teams' progress.

Easily track progress with in-depth reporting, allowing you to make sure your team are learning at the correct level.

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Mobile learning

Learn on the go with our mobile app.

Make learning part of your every day routine. The SocialTalent app allows you to learn on the go, with increased ease of use and maximum engagement.

Learn more about our Recruiting Training

To learn more about how SocialTalent’s e-Learning platform can help your organization hire, develop and retain great talent, get in touch!

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