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How Nokia is elevating candidate, hiring manager, and TA experience

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After a company restructure, Nokia wanted to upskill its TA function in order to find and hire the right talent needed to meet their new goals, while also elevating experience across the board. A full suite of training, that was ready-made and capable of delivering results, was required – so SocialTalent was the natural choice.


Nokia was hugely dedicated to the rollout of SocialTalent. They formed PM and Champion teams to structure and engage users in the launch, created learning competitions and watch parties, and established newsletters, all with the intention of embedding L&D into the DNA of the company to help upskill their TA teams.

"A cornerstone of our learning journey, SocialTalent enables TA and hiring managers to execute strategic priorities, like improving D&I and candidate experience. We love working with SocialTalent and rely on them far beyond learning – they share expertise, best practices, and new solutions to meet Nokia’s needs."​ Paul Bowles​ Global Head of Talent Attraction, Nokia

Business Impact:

Success defined Nokia’s implementation of SocialTalent, so much so that within the first few months they even expanded their contract to our Enterprise solution. Users loved the content – to date, over 7,500 courses have been completed. Candidate satisfaction scores also rose by 15% after the first two quarters, while TA has been able to drive success with their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

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