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Who are we?

SocialTalent is more than just a company. It started with an idea, the vision of two
guys who believed they could make people happier by changing the way people
work while getting better results.

This vision has quickly become a reality across the world, where learning,
amplified by automation and software, is changing how people work;
making people happier and companies more successful.

We believe in people and the importance of happiness

Everyone at SocialTalent works collectively as a team.
As a company, they encourage you to unleash your creativity!

Dylan Redmond
SocialTalent gave me the opportunity to discover what I love
to do and help make it happen.

Erin Lindsay
Be somewhere you want to work,
not somewhere you happen to work.

Jonathan Campbell & Vincent O'Donoghue
Our Values

Our journey has had its inevitable ups and downs...
(transforming an industry was never going to be a walk in the park!)
However, it is built on a solid foundation of shared values which hold true to this day.


It’s the core of who we are, and why we do what we do.

Speak Up

If you have an idea, you have a voice with SocialTalent.


Just be kind, you’ll find it’s contagious. We’re in this together.

Work Smarter

There’s a difference between working hard and working smart. We choose smart because it works.

Value People

We’re a tech company that encourages you to be human. Sure the robots are coming, but the humans are here to stay!


It’s the foundation of all good relationships. No bluffing or hiding – we’d make terrible poker players.

Our Team

We value people.

We’re a passionate, quirky, ambitious, diverse and dynamic group of individuals, who as a team, believe we can change the future of work.

Jonathan Campbell


Vincent O'Donoghue

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

SarahJane McGuigan

Head of People and Culture

Gabriela Ziolkowska

Operations Manager

Becky Rehill

Office Manager

Felipe Boff

Finance Analyst

Naomi Baily

Head of Customer Success

Kelley Gissane

Customer Success Manager

James Coffey

Customer Success Manager

Gavin Morgan

Customer Support Specialist

Fiona Murphy

Customer Support Specialist

Nessa Gorman

Customer Success Manager

Andrea Cleary

Social Media and Content

Annalena Morris

Digital Marketing Executive

Dylan Redmond

Digital Marketing Executive

Nathan Fulham

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Holly Fawcett

Curriculum Development Manager

Nicola McCarthy

Video Production Manager

George Bryan

Online Production Specialist

Shauna Carrick

Associate Project Manager

Niall Hewson

Creative Digital Producer

Ana Regatero

Learning Specialist

Stephen O'Donoghue

Head of Product

Simon Vallenet

French Language Specialist

Will Ryan

Content Writer

Claudia Schurian

German Language Specialist

Graham Campbell

Sales Director

Dave Ralph

Sales Director

Pete Ainsley

Strategic Relationship Manager

Sondra Maher

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Sean Mulligan

Sales Relationship Manager - SMB

Neil Smith

Sales Relationship Manager - SMB

Bastien Burlion

Sales Relationship Manager - SMB

Richard Bromhead

Sales Manager

Gregory Johnston

Sales Development Executive

Oscar Brambila

Relationship Manager

Patricia Gross

Sales Manager

Blake Smyth

Sales Development Executive

Edward McDermott

Enterprise Relationship Manager

Adrian Zimolag

Contract Renewals Specialist

Paraic Naughton

Customer Implementation Specialist

Stephen Goodall

Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager

Ben Stagakis

SMB Relationship Manager

Hayley Rubinstein

Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager

We are always looking for talent!

You’ve heard our story...
If you relate and share our values we want to hear
from you!

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