World-Class Interviewer Training for Hiring Managers

SocialTalent's Interviewing training will give your entire company the skills to run effective interviews and ensure you hire the best talent.

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How Interview Skills Training can help your hiring managers find, attract and hire the best talent.

The ability to hire and retain talent is one of the most significant risks to enterprise growth, innovation and success.

Yet so many companies don’t equip their teams with the hiring manager training they need to enable them to make the best hiring decisions. In our interview training for managers, they will learn to:

  • Develop a consistent interviewing process across all your hiring managers, and interview panelists, across different regions and divisions globally.
  • Improve the quality of new hires with consistent, world-class interviewing.
  • Develop a consistent, inclusive hiring practices company-wide.
  • Hire more diverse talent for stronger business results.
Quote decoration I consider the most important job of someone like myself is recruiting" - Steve Jobs
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SocialTalent’s interviewer training enables your hiring team to make the best hiring decisions

At SocialTalent, we believe hiring is a team sport with hiring managers, interview panelists, the recruiting team, HR and the leadership team all playing key roles. When all are aligned, hiring great talent can become a competitive advantage for your business.

SocialTalent’s Interviewer skills courses will give your hiring managers, interview panellists, and everyone involved in the hiring process, the skills and knowledge to run more effective, efficient and successful interviews.

Our e-learning platform will teach your organization how to perform consistent best-practised based inclusive interviewing so they can make quality hiring decisions.


Great companies using the SocialTalent e-learning platform to enable their teams with best-in-class interviewer training to drive hiring excellence company-wide

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Up to


increase in candidate experience NPS

increase in candidate experience NPS

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30% of an employee’s first-year earnings – is at least the price of a bad hire

- U.S. Department of Labor


Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once estimated bad hires had cost the company “well over $100 million”

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64% of job seekers say that a poor experience would make them less likely to purchase goods and services from the employer

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91% of employers agree that candidate experience can impact consumer-purchasing decisions.

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Did you know...

A company’s biggest asset in terms of success and innovation, is its people. Hiring the best talent is fundamental, but when it’s siloed away in a company, you limit the potential find and hire the best talent.

The cost of a bad hire is well documented. According to Fast Company, one bad hire can cost a company up to $50,000. Not only that, The way organizations treat job seekers can impact their future talent pool, damage their employer reputation, and impact revenue.

By empowering everyone in your company who is involved in the hiring process with the interviewing skills they need to excel, this reduces the risk of making bad hires, bolsters your DEI efforts, creates a positive candidate experience and augments your employer brand – and ultimately ensures you hire great talent.

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Business Impact - of SocialTalent’s Interviewing Training

By empowering your hiring managers, interview panelists and everyone involved in the
hiring process, with best-in-class training in how to conduct successful interviews you will…​

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  • Quality of hire
  • Candidate experience
  • Diverse & inclusive hiring
  • New hire engagement
  • New hire retention
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  • Time-to-hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Conscious and unconscious bias at interview
  • New hire attrition


  • Interviewer best practices globally
  • Hiring best practices company-wide
  • Hiring managers, TA, HR and leadership
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ROI - The ROI of Interviewer Skills Training

Interview training for hiring managers can improve your quality of hire while reducing your time-to-fill. We work with some of the world’s best known organizations helping them to create a hiring culture and drive hiring excellence by empowering everyone in the company involved in interviewing to excel. We've helped our customers improve the following metrics:


Green arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in time-to-hire
Green arrow up
Faster – Hiring of critical talent
Violet arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in time-to-offer
Green arrow down
Up to 0%
Reduction in new hire
ramp-up time


Violet arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in Candidate experience NPS
Green arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in hiring manager


Green arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in female candidates
Violet arrow up
Up to 0%
Increase in number of women in leadership roles
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Customer spotlight

Cisco create a world-class candidate experience with the help of SocialTalent's interviewing training

Cisco use SocialTalent's e-learning platform to standardize and optimize their approach to interviewing globally to improve their candidate experience NPS scores.

Hear from our customers how much they
love our interviewer training content

I have been sitting on interview panels for over a decade and have been a hiring manager for more than half of that time and this was hands down the best interview training I've gone through."
Isabella Yani Chief of Staff & Director of Sales Operations,
I just completed my commitment to making our hiring experience amazing by completing "License to Hire" by SocialTalent. I've been doing interviews for decades and this is by far the best training and virtual coaching to improve my own skills."
Stephanie Meyer Director, Workplace Experience,
SocialTalent was a brilliant investment of my time. It educated me in how to conduct an interview in a way that will benefit my company and, more importantly, the candidate."
Jonathan Buchanan Operations Director,
We knew that the e-learning program we selected needed to be best-in-class if it was going to be a game-changer for our current and future employees and customers."
Christoph Niebel President,
Great training for tenured interviewers. Love the formulation of questions and focal areas. Having a methodical approach should lead to significantly more successful employees and that is great for both parties."
Global TA Leader Leading Tech Company
We use SocialTalent because we want to professionalize how we interview candidates. The feedback has been phenomenal – over 95% of learners feel this will contribute to a better candidate experience and an inclusive hiring approach."
Paul Phillips Global Head of TA,
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Why SocialTalent?

Improve the quality, speed and diversity of your hiring
with SocialTalent's online interviewing training

  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
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Drive collaboration and discussion across your team.

Join in the conversation with our discussion feature and see how the rest of your team is doing with leaderboards.


Increase engagement across your organization

Our easy-to-use interface makes learning fun – amplifying the long term retention of knowledge and maximising engagement.

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Promote recognition for milestones achieved.

Our point system means consistent learning is rewarded, earning badges, levels and skills. Our Kudos system also prompts learners to congratulate their peers’ progress.

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Measure and report on your teams' progress.

Easily track progress with in-depth reporting, allowing you to make sure your team are learning at the correct level.

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Mobile learning

Learn on the go with our mobile app.

Make learning part of your every day routine. The SocialTalent app allows you to learn on the go, with increased ease of use and maximum engagement.

Learn more about our Interviewing Training

To learn more about how SocialTalent’s e-Learning platform can help your organization hire, develop and retain great talent, get in touch!

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