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KellyOCG: A Commitment to Learning Through a Decade-Long Partnership with SocialTalent

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The KellyOCG and SocialTalent story started out with a need for sourcing training to give them an edge in the market. But the organization soon realized that in order to stay competitive in the talent industry their employees needed access to a broader range of learning to help them find, hire, and engage the best candidates.


Over the years SocialTalent has become interwoven in the culture of KellyOCG. But there are four areas of rollout that helped to ensure success: leadership buy-in, relevant learning paths, consistent refreshing, and authentic recognition.

"SocialTalent has been instrumental in our journey. And to have achieved a decade-long partnership is testament to the quality of the product. We trust in the learning, we enjoy the content, and we can see the difference it makes."​ Richard Bradley​ Officer VP - Business Leader Global RPO

Business Impact:

SocialTalent has become a hugely strategic and organic component of the KellyOCG company. Over the years, users have hugely benefited from the training with over 400 hours clocked on the platform every month (twice the industry average for companies of this size), 95% active users, with 85% of these saying they are gaining new skills which they can use in their roles.

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