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Employee engagement and enablement on a global scale

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Pontoon Solutions were looking to amplify and elevate their approach to learning and development. Given their global footprint, they needed a solution that would cater for a dispersed colleague base, accelerate learning curiosity and build an adaptable workforce equipped to deliver in a rapidly changing market.


To scale awareness of the SocialTalent e-learning platform, Pontoon created learning targets that had to be hit by every employee. These were tied in with bonus plans and quarterly engagement statements to further incentivise completion. Dedicated learning plans were also created and SocialTalent became Pontoon’s core learning center.

"We are confident in the quality of the talent we can deliver for our customers because of the quality of ours. Our partnership with SocialTalent has allowed us to build what is a truly innovative learning program that is not only a differentiator but has solidified our talent base in a highly turbulent candidate market."​ Christoph Niebel, President​ Pontoon

Business Impact

In less than a year, over 57 thousand hours of learning were logged. By putting L&D front and center and establishing it as a strategic priority, Pontoon has established a true culture of learning. This has led to an increase in customer NPS, a 13.4% reduction in time to fill and a 77% reduction in time to shortlist.

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